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    Test Your Might


    Bob Larkin has let us know that he has added several new total conversions to his Doom Wad Station. These include the Aliens TC, Tickdoom (a sprites conversion), The Talosian Incident, and the Mortal Kombat TC, which he just recently received and believes is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. You'll find all this stuff here.

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    el zee said:

    this place seem to have the same TC's....

    Sure, any site devoted to TCs is likely to have the well-known ones. The difference is that Bob is also including lesser-known TCs. Plus his site has got loads of other wads, megawads, etc.

    The site you pointed to was pretty cool too.

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    Yup - he definitely has a good selection of tc's. But thats pretty much what his site is devoted to and he doesn't update any longer. I have a much better selection, believe me. You won't find Mortal Kombat on there or some of the newer Star Wars Tc's like the one I looked at today for Edge version 1.27
    Nothing against his site - easy to navigate, descent selection.

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    hmm.. i couldn't get to his review for teh talosian incident, and it shouldn't really be listed under TCs anyway, it only had a few new textures.

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    Well, the author thought it was a tc. I agree with you tho. Its not a total, its more of a partial conversion. either way - well worth checking out.

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    Just a little friendly reminder:

    Doom3057 has been discontinued for quite some time now.

    The remains of the project merged with another overachiever: RTC.
    The result is the now much lauded TC RTC-3057.

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