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    The Adventures Of MassMouth


    Cyb's Page has been updated with the release of his secret ZDoom project entitled "The Adventures of MassMouth." It's a weird partial conversion where you're this alien who has to... well, I can't really explain, you have to download it to find out. It's quite cool though.

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    Guest Rick Clark


    I thought this was very well done and quite enjoyable. Rick Clark

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    Yeah I am on Rick's side here. It was cool to play something not so serious. Definately a very funny piece of work by Cyb.

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    Guest Levendis


    I tried downloading this a few times. Took about 10 minutes from slow-assed Xoom...and then when winzip loads up the file, it has 0k size. This happened like three times...has anyone mirrored massmouth yet? I can't seem to download.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    MM kinda reminded me of the the Malice add-on for Quake, the way you have to go see the boss and stuff. Very good stuff anyway. A few probs though: 1) it was WAY too short. Most of the levels with monsters deserved to be at least twice as long. 2) the worm guy's voice was too quiet compared to the rest of the sounds, you can barely hear him without yanking the volume right up. Maybe Cyb will make an MM2 with new items to collect or something. That'd be cool :)

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