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    The Closed Alpha Approacheth


    If you've been sitting on your Doom (4) beta code just waiting for some action, the official Doom (4) website has updated with a page to register yourself for consideration for the Doom (4) closed multiplayer alpha, which is apparently imminent. The alpha will be available only to a random selection of Doom (4) beta golden ticket holders, and will allow them to cavort around a single level and generally have fun while providing real-world performance data for id Software to munch on.

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    Captain Toenail said:

    So... for those who pre-ordered via Steam and received no code? Are they entered into the the raffle for the Alpha automatically?

    The site gives you the option of signing into steam in which case the you are directed back to them and then the site automatically detects if you have beta access in which case you can sign up for the alpha test as well.

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    Fingers crossed so hard for this

    Wonder what the system req for it will be.. Hopefully nothing extremely high end. Then again the battlefront beta had pretty high end requirements and it ran maxed out perfectly.... Hmm

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    Since It's supposed to be optimized very well, hopefully It'll run good. Though, I'll be getting a PS4 possibly just for the game (and MKX), so I'll be a happy camper.

    Although, I wouldn't mind seeing how the game would run on my PC, It can run Wolfenstein: TNO well on Medium.

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    Maybe on low? I know it's a totally different engine, but battlefronts beta called for 16gb ram and a 290x and I maxed it out with a solid 60 fps with 8gb and a 270x. Def give it a shot man, you might be pleasantly surprised :) Good luck!

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    Szymanski said:

    Received an invite but my 560ti isn't going to cut it

    560ti is more powerful than 660 iirc, so it may ran at minimal settings.

    Speaking of invites, it looks like I'm the only one to not get one.

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