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    The Coalition Gains In Density


    Some news from The Sirius Coalition with the arrival of a new member: Dense13, author of Machine 1 (see this news post). X-Blade has also posted some screenshots of the project, with the following warning:

    These screenshots are all beta phase screenies so don\'t jump to any conclusions just yet. As soon as I finish tidying up and retexturing, I will replace those shots with new ones. These current shots are mainly to show that the project is developing quickly.
    And with another mapper, it should progress even faster.

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    Hmm...well, I chose a free site that didn't have ad banners and look what I get. A 10 hit maximum...bah! Time to find a new home.

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    Try Spaceports, ok it's got banners, and lots of them, but at least you get a decent amount of bandwidth to play with (maximum 1000 megs transferred per calendar month).


    Or better yet, try to get hosting here at DW or ND or if you're really really REALLY desperate try DC.

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    Guest UAC PR Dept.


    Great free hosting there... some banners, but I think you get to choose whether it pops up or not.

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    Quote from Mythq website:
    "Free Hosting discontinued
    For the present we have had to discontinue our free hosting service. Our partners in this week (17/04/01) with no explanation and we were unable to contact them.the enterprise: Excelland.com disappeared

    We know this is a disappointment to our 14,000 users but it is completely out of our control.

    Paid hosting is not affected because those accounts are on our servers.

    We were already in discussions with another partner and it is likely that our free service will restart shortly: Watch This Space" unquote.

    Looks like Spaceports is your only option now, unless you happen to like Tripod's style of downloading files or Geocities horsecrap.

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