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    The Community's Chest


    Cadman of TeamTNT writes in that The Community Chest Project will be released sometime within the first two weeks of June this year. It will contain 32 new maps from various authors, all tested for Boom compatibility, with full DeathMatch and Cooperative support.

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    Drat said:

    How about a status update on Daedalus?

    Curious that you should mention it. Cadman, also being a member of TeamTNT, ought to know what the status is. Last I heard, they were waiting for Randy Heit to release a "non-beta" version of ZDooM. And Randy has clarified that the versions he's releasing aren't really beta versions at all. So I wonder what gives.

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    ReX said:

    Randy has clarified that the versions he's releasing aren't really beta versions at all.

    True, but it isn't so long since he also said something like "I'm just waiting for bug reports, then I can bump the number to 2.1 and call it final". Indication that the 2.0.X versions may not be beta, but they may not be "final" either.

    To split hairs, the 2.0.X versions have never officially been betas, as far as I'm aware. I think I have had copies of them all. The first few I got hold of (some time ago now) were known as a "pre releases" and the numbers of the cab files they were in tied in to, and were part of the sequence that has a current version of 2.0.47 (even though some of the actual version names were odd - eg gemma.gemma etc). I know I'm just arguing semantics here, but the 1.23bX versions were betas and the 2.0.X's were pre releases. Although I guess the only practical difference there is the name. Like I said, hair splitting. :-)

    Randy did seem to indicate in a recent post that the 2.0.X releases really are not betas (or whatever) and are release versions of a sort in their own right (ie as ReX said). Although the recent ones (46 and 47 especially) have been very stable with perhaps only one or two almost irrelevant minor issues, they are still part of a sequence that is updated quite often and the baseline is not set. IE, a feature that is implemented/changed for 48 (if and when it comes out) may mean a WAD built for 47 will not work as was intended. Perhaps TNT are waiting for a bit more version number stability?

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    I suppose you could say we're waiting for a version that isn't hiding (sort of) in the lars/ directory. Although we can work with cab 47 (and we need 48 as I recall, though I don't remember what for offhand), those don't have user documentation and all that. Without that, it's a support headache for us and Randy to put out a product now. It's fine for the folks who would be posting and lurking here, but we get a pretty widespread "customer" base.

    It'll come along soon enough, I'm sure. I don't think there's much left to do, unless of course we get attack pointers in decorations (drool).

    *kicks notgod.com* Taking a Sunday off, server?

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