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    The Continuing Odyssey


    Paul Corfiatis sent the news that 2002 A Doom Odyssey has been updated with the news that 31 out of the 36 levels in the Doom 1 megawad are completed. Paul is looking for one or two people to help him finish up the project so it can be released in August or September.

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    Nice, this project sure has had a lot of progress! 31 levels and only a year if I'm correct?

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    I think Ep1 of this was released more than a year ago.. but i might be wrong. Anyway, the first episode rocked, can't wait for the rest :)

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    Yeah, at the time e1 was released, it was 2001: A Doom Odyssey.

    I'd help out and all...but I want to finish my first episode before the summer's over.

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