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    The DoomRL tileset hits! You die... --more--


    Do you want your possessions identified? (Y/N)

    Kornel Kisielewicz, the author of DoomRL, has revealed that an upcoming version of DoomRL will feature graphical tile support. The new tileset was created by Derek Yu of Spelunky fame, and will be featured in the 1.0 release of DoomRL. In addition, the author has also revealed that it will be used in the upcoming DoomRL2, though he made no mention of any cameos by John Romero's disembodied head. You can find the full article, along with a preview of the new tileset here: http://blog.chaosforge.org/articles/43/chaosforge-2010

    For those who don't know, DoomRL is turn-based roguelike similar to NetHack and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

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    Protip: Donating to the DoomRL project gives you access to a private forum on Chaosforge where early development versions are put up for download and playtesting.

    Kornel is also a great guy and listens to his users' feedback. If you like this game but feel something could be better, you can definitely make a difference to the outcome.

    It's a very fun game and unlike Nethack or DCSS it's easily completable. Even though it's text-based and turn-based, it conveys the fast-paced action of the original very well. There are the usual difficulty levels and many challenge modes (eg: you can only use pistol, but you get pistol advantages) to keep the game interesting.

    A picture says a thousand words so here are a few screenshots I made back at Version : Title Screen, Level Map, Berzerk Mode, Invulnerability Mode.

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    I played around with this a little bit earlier last year and it was a lot of fun. That tileset screenshot is really cool looking. I might have to check this out again.

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    Uh oh! I think I know what I'm gonna be hooked on for a couple months!

    First I gotta get my current projects out of the way before I start though.

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    AlexMax said:

    ...Derek Yu...

    I'm usually anti-tilesets, but this is just awesome. Kind of makes me wonder if a Doom platformer in the vein of Spelunky would work.

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    Ryathaen said:

    Kind of makes me wonder if a Doom platformer in the vein of Spelunky would work.

    YES. THIS.

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    This set can only add to the already great atmosphere created by this fantastic game. Never has a turn-based game felt so action-packed!

    Normally, I reject tile-sets in favour of good old ASCII / ANSI but these graphics just hold a real charm. I love DooM RL and cannot wait for this update let alone DooM RL 2... :)

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    Sometimes tilesets dampen the experience by reducing the glorious wonders and eldritch horrors produced by your imagination to a simple low-res image. However, this is a case where I'd prefer to see Derek Yu's artwork.

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    Creaphis is right. All the Nethack and DCSS tilesets I've seen have been amateur at best, and totally not what I am imagining in my mind, which I guess is something akin to the old D&D sourcebook artwork]. Alot of people like Falcon's Eye but the isometric view messes with my perception. Strangely I do not have any problem with POWDER, which was designed to be a graphical roguelike from day dot.

    I treat a Nethack or Crawl game as kinda serious business, I've been playing Hack since the 80s and am set in my ways. However DoomRL is alot more of a fun game where a completion is not a huge commitment (it's called a "coffebreak roguelike"), coupled with the fact that it's also relatively new, people might be more open to change.

    Either way, you've gotta admit this looks pretty rad:

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