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    The Fall Of Silence


    Marc 'Fanatic' Pullen has updated his DOOM site with news that his latest album, 'The Fall Of The King', has been released:

    This is an album I originally started for someone that wanted to do another
    GothicDM TC followup, but didn't go anywhere apparently. So I took it into
    my own direction. Probably my best work yet.

    All the tracks are available as free downloadable MP3s over at his new website.

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    Heh, I know for a fact that the Gothic DM style project mentioned is still being worked on, but that's besides the point.

    What's important is that there's 12 extremely nice new MP3's for everyone to listen to :)

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    um but the link isn't working. It worked once awhile ago but now it's dead. HELP! I NEED MY FIX!

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    Guest Fanatic


    My poor connection is severely bogged down with everyone trying to get all the MP3's from this and other albums at the same time, so try later.

    I don't get much activity overnight, so if you can, try then when it's less busy.

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    Your music talent is pretty good... damn good for one man =)

    Anyhow, I would like to let you know, I believe your new album is good regardless but I perceived the other mp3's you did earlier to be somewhat more dark. I have a very dark mind so it works a little better for me... I like your old work better.

    Good job on the music anyways~@!~@!~@

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