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    The Jaguar Still Exists?


    Simon "The Monster" Fraggle somehow discovered that the Source Code for Atari Jaguar Doom is available for anyone interested in Atari Jaguar development. I'd like to see the release of the PSX Doom source myself, but I'm just me. This is a pretty cool trend, though.

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    I took a look at the source for this. It seems like they really munged up and changed a load of the source to get it to work. They cut out large parts of the code and rewrote about half of it in assembler.

    The jaguar was some kind of weird multiprocessor system: there were two 64-bit processors for doing graphic stuff and a motorola 68k as a "co-processor" for doing the game physics etc. Most of the game designers just based their code around the m68k, though, doom included here. The low level graphics stuff is done by interfacing to the GPUs.

    Looking at the code its clear someone spent a lot of time working on this, its a shame the jaguar wasnt more successful.

    Simon "The Monster" Fraggle

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    I'm sure I remember an interview with Carmack where he said he did the Jaguar port himself, so it wasn't just some random programmer.

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     char    endtextstring[] =
            "you did it! by turning*"
            "the evil of the horrors*"
            "of hell in upon itself*"
            "you have destroyed the*"
            "power of the demons.**"
            "their dreadful invasion*"
            "has been stopped cold!*"
            "now you can retire to*"
            "a lifetime of frivolity.**"
            "  congratulations!";
    /* '*' = newline */
    char    endtextstring[] =
            "     id software*"
            "     salutes you!*"
            "  the horrors of hell*"
            "  could not kill you.*"
            "  their most cunning*"
            "  traps were no match*"
            "  for you. you have*"
            "  proven yourself the*"
            "  best of all!*"
            "  congratulations!";
    Its quite possible carmack wrote the code: it would probably make sense, as he surely knows his way around it better than anyone else. Theres some pretty major stuff here.

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    So, how can I read my cartridge to my laptop? I can probably get the files to compile, as I know where to get a Jag compiler. But how would I test it to make sure it works?

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    you *really* have to ask the jaguar dev community those questions instead of us.. we're just loser PC devers

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