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    The Last Day Approacheth


    Team Apocalypse has set a release date for The Last Day on Earth episode 1. What's that date? I could tell you, but then you wouldn't have a reason to visit their page, now would you?

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    Guest LordUnum


    That to your liking? <g>

    Seriously, though, I didn't post anything on the outside, but on the inside, I've been awaiting this. I'm sure others feel the same way, just that with the announcement of the new Doom, and the recent flocking to csDoom.... ya know :-) Good work.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    wow, how long has this thing been in development? 4 years? those levels look like add-ons for doom1 that didn't make it to the master levels..... pretty sucky.... hehehe. -gemini aka fuckyall of #doomroom

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    Wow, gemini, thank you for those uplifting, well thought out, and brilliant observations. <P>What's your webpage? I think I'll download some of your work just so I can safely say "Who are you to talk?"

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    Never mind. I found your site. <P>The screenshots tell me that you put more into aesthetic value than gameplay, and the whole thing looks more like a ripoff than an addon.

    Our project has only been in production for five months, not four years, and just because it's old-doom style doesn't make it primitive or "sucky".
    Every member of our team, plus a few talented beta-testers have played every level and complaints are minimal, and most of them were about little details that were later fixed.
    Don't expect another HR2 but don't expect crap either.

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