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    The Last Day


    The Last Day on Earth homepage has the news that they've added a new member, Hyena, to the team, who will be working on Map06, "UAC Center."

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    Hey Anonymous Guy, why dont u put your name when you make some comments? I hope Hyena will do a lot of maps for this project and I hope Anonymous Users will continue to do nothing by themselves and just criticize people doing something...

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Don't worry, man. I'm one of the good guys. Just don't listen to the bad guys and keep working. who cares about them? They don't even do any of the hard work. But you do! And i encourage u to keep on doing it!!!!! _Laters. EUGENE E. SLOUPSKY

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    Guest Mad Cow Disease


    Let's hear it for the new guy! <P>Okay, now everyone pay attention to me, again.

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