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    The Lightening


    A big fat juicy update over at The Darkening. Many things are discussed in this healthy four-paragraph update. There's news of a new Darkening E2 addon, some Darkening demo goodness, and a little bragging about a mention of Darkening E2 at another site. Go enjoy this update while it's still on top!

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    I clearly take a swipe at Andrew on the DE2 webpage and he misses it. Andrew, how dare you take the respected Darkening name and screw with it: "The Lightening". If you have nothing to say good then shut up. j/k

    ROFL MAO w/ cheese on rye bread. Thanks.

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    Check again...I got double s and double t just like I copied from plutonia1 speed.

    Maonth...I was joking hence the j/k which means just kidding. The second post about RTC wasn't as bad as Andrew's I am retarded about TRTCC where he says, "Get it while it's hot even though it's cold". Now thats cruel...

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    Uhhh, it was "Get it while it's hot! Even if it's cold." There's a difference. It was actually a parody of a Simpsons episode where Homer joins the Naval Reserve. Bart wanting to get a torpedo as a souvenier, telling Homer how Ned Flanders got his kids fireworks, Homer promises to bring back a weapon of unimaginable destructive power! Marge says "Homer!", and Homer says "Only if you're good! Even if you're not." ... With the italics being whispered.. Phew.. It went something like that..

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    Guest The Gemini


    Swedish Fish:

    Hey howcome my Darkening2 add-on never gets mentioned on that page?

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    The unofficial reason is that I only intended on putting up wads by darkening members.

    The unofficial reason is I had no idea it existed!

    Either way, my ass is covered until the next update. :)

    As for Netscape crashing...I'm really not sure what to say. Ola designed the page and I just modify text basically. I think Ola had a person vendetta against netscape so those crashes might not be intentional. I'm not an HTML expert...so any suggestions are welcome.

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