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    The Million Lego Hotel


    Russel's website is back up and now features 3 brand new Lego-themed wads:

    Lego Textures - which name says it all,
    Lego Base - a level featuring the textures found in Lego Textures,
    Deleted Scene 2 - a section removed from an early version of Lego Base and converted into a small single player level.

    That makes a lot of legos for sure.

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    I should point out that Lego Base DOES NOT require the use of the lego textures wad. Lego Base has all the textures it needs included in its own wad. The same goes for Deleted Scene 2.

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    But do the individual WADs use the main textures? I mean, is there a huge overlap between the individual WADs and the texture library?

    It'd be nice not to have to store the same textures on one's hard drive over and over again and just use the texture library with each WAD.

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    LegoBase was started long before i ever envisaged releasing a lego textures wad. The texture naming conventions used in LB weren't very good and i decided to change them for the textures wad (but i wasn't going to go back and change all the textures in the level its self - too much work). Both Lego Base and DS contain only the textures that they need, in both cases this equates to roughly 10% of the textures found in the Lego textures wad.

    I personally hate seeing wads which state 'requires such and such textures'. It means i've got to go off and find that texture wad in order to play the level, i usually can't be bothered.

    Yes LB and DS2 do contain some of the same textures, but this ammounts to nothing more than a few kb. In these days where hard drive sizes are measured in gigabytes i doubt this is gonna suck up hard drive capacity or cause anyone any major space problems. Heh, if you're really bothered about wasted space then trawl through your windows directories and deleted all the superfluous crap and text files that are held there.

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    schepe said:

    cool idea..... too bad he forgot how legos look on the underside....

    Heh heh, I remember! :)

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