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    The /newstuff Chronicles #10


    Nine new WADs in our weekly plug of the new files found on CDROM.COM.

    • Doom Classic 6, Doom Classic 7 by Jan Van Der Veken & Anthony Soto - Two amazing levels for Ultimate DOOM! Great weapon and health balance on both of these levels. Truly DOOM classics, with a lot of great feel and strategy. Looking to rekindle the spark of the original DOOM energy? Play these levels.
    • Q3A Sounds, Q3 Arena Floors And Walls by Chris Pisarczyk - Quake 3: Arena sounds for DOOM; Quake 3: Arena floor and wall textures for Doom 2.
    • 10,000 Year Night Light by ]StW[Sara - A single deathmatch map for Doom 2. For four hours of work, this looks decent. There are lots of barrels, lots of weapons, and lots of health items, but lots of area to hide, if you're into that kind of thing. For the first serious attempt at a deathmatch level, it's pretty good.
    • Guardian by Enjoy - This single-player level for Doom 2 is quite large. Very large, I would say. The level design looks almost decent, and the areas are pretty diverse. The monster count is very high though, and the ammo balance is very good. There are no other thrills, though. Just a single map.
    • Marble by Robert Dudley - Another diverse-looking level for Doom 2. The map is of good length, with decent level design. The little hard-to-see secret areas and tricky shortcuts add something to this level, as do the deep water effects. For a single map, pretty good.
    • Lemmings Doom - Supposedly a partial conversion of Lemmings. It has some new sounds, music, and little sprites that look like tiny squares. I can't figure why, either. Anyway, if you're into "Lemmings", this may or may not satisfy you.
    • Beach Head by Rick Clark - This is something different. Throw a switch, monsters start spawning. Throw another switch, items spawn in a predetermined area. It could be fun for a while. And it's only a few kilobytes! Requires ZDoom.

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    I can't even play the classic*.wads. Don't have UD anymore.

    And Andrew, don't be afraid to critique... that 10000 Year Light Night wad was bad. No need to spice it up by saying "it was good for a first attempt". You're supposed to keep me from downloading that crap, not encouraging me.

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