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    The /newstuff Chronicles #11


    Nine more WADs in our weekly presentation of the goodies found in Newstuff.

    • Kzdoom3, Kzdoom4, Kboom12 by Kurt Kesler - A small series of maps by the former speed-demon mapmaker Kurt Kesler. Very good quality. Great length, great scripted events. Lots of special effects. These levels are well worth the download. They require ZDoom, ZDoom, and BOOM, respectively.
    • Paranoia by ReX - It seems like a pretty decent partial conversion so far. Plenty of new textures in this WAD. Many new sprites, including modified weapons. A whole bunch of new monsters, although they look rough, and sound even worse. The map design is almost decent. Many boring hallways and rooms, but it varies from level to level. Five levels to be exact; Map02-Map06. Requires ZDoom.
    • Necron by Jerkhammer - A four-level WAD for Doom 2. Although these levels seem to be quite large, they also seem to be based off each other, sharing areas and the like. Detail isn't too special, but ammo balance seems to be good. Perhaps useful in a cooperative run. Otherwise, you may find yourself bored.
    • Doom: The Mars Missions by Sparky - A version "B" update of a WAD released some time ago. In a Mars base theme, this 11-level WAD for Doom 2 has some really great level design, and some good Dehacked effects. For single player, or deathmatch mode, this group of levels should keep you quite entertained.
    • Samaho´s Arena by Benjamin Berkels - A single deathmatch map for Doom 2. Mostly the same textures all around. A tower with a BFG, a river of lava, a room with a crushing ceiling and an exit, nothing too special.
    • TRTCCDemo by The RTC - The first level of an in-progress partial conversion for Doom 2. An interesting storyline, a monster countdown meter, and some good level design starts off this project. Very interesting! Requires ZDoom.
    • Yet Another Base by Patrick Martin - This is a single map for Doom 2, running on Map01. It uses classic E1M5 music, and although the level is small, it does capture well the original feel of DOOM. A good-looking level, with good all-around balance.

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    AndrewB: Oh, drat! I forgot about the reviews.
    Linguica: you haven't done any?
    AndrewB: Oh wait, I forgot. I didn't forget.
    Linguica: erm ok
    AndrewB: Yea, you think I'd ever forget? Tsk, tsk..
    Linguica: in a word, yes
    AndrewB: Have I ever forgotten? Have you actually loaded up Doomworld in the last two minutes?
    Linguica: I don't reload Doomworld every 2 minutes :P
    AndrewB: *Ahem*, when I said "Drat, I forgot about the reviews!", they had already been posted.
    Linguica: OK, uh, good work soldier
    AndrewB: Tsk, you actually believed I forgot.. What, me forget? TSK! To shame...
    Linguica: Stop tsking me :P

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    BlackGate, DarkEden, YAB... very nice.
    great to see he's still editing.

    I am retarded!(after Ling removes the actual I am retarded) ;)

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    Guest q.pixel[rex]


    Some one named himself "ReX" with the caps "X"? Hmm...just need to clarify that it wasn't me...

    Opulent: I didn't recognize the name "Patrick Martin" until you named Dark Eden...now I'm REALLY going to get that map ;-)

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    Guest Fear Keeper


    Trtcc is awesome!!!! Just thought I'd let ya know:)


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    yeah the level design is very nice, just a damn shame that level 6 will crash zdoom when it hits the 2k monster count.

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    Dude... I thought those maps were pretty good. Except for maybe the last one or two got a little repetitive. Those were much better bases than Quake2 maps and I think probably some of the better base-themed maps I've seen, despite a few blatant misalignments.

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