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    The /newstuff Chronicles #145


    • SWAD Pack 1: Stock CounterStrike Weapons - BlackFish
      Eternity 3.31b3 - SP - 1,162k -
      SWAD Pack 2: Custom CounterStrike Weapons - BlackFish
      Eternity 3.31b3 - SP - 971k -
      These are two weapon packs for the new EDF system present in Eternity. They're screenshots of some weapon models from Counter-Strike, and they look as such. EDF allows for more than the standard number of frames for each weapon, so the movements of each one are pretty fluid. However, outside the novelty value, much like various EDGE weapon-packs, you'll tire of these after a short period and toss them aside (I hope to god people make something more useful/innovative than weapon packs with EDF, though EDGE and DDF don't show any evidence to the contrary). However, it's still a nice showcase for some of the new capabilities added to the Eternity engine recently.

    • Dark Imp Sprites - Kara "Nanami" Rader
      doom2.exe or ZDoom - n/a - 72k -
      Another wad with no level, this is an imp replacement wad authors can use in their maps. It's the Doom imp recolored black with altered firing frames. The zip has two wads as well, the first one replaces the Doom imp (and so can be used with any engine) and the second replaces the Heretic mummy (and its variants) in case you want to keep the original imp and add a new one with ZDoom (or make a Heretic TC or something). Also on a side note, people who don't word-wrap their text files AND neglect to use the standard template should be MURDERED!!

    • Snake Imp Sprites - that Cyb guy
      doom2.exe - n/a - 59k -
      Yes, more non-level junk, these are yet more imp sprites (by me) and are a combination of the Doom imp and the Heretic serpent. Clearly these sprites are vastly superior to Nanami's new imp sprites making them the best imp replacement sprites released this week. Also the text file is properly wrapped and uses the template. What more could you want?!

    • FBase 6: Remanasu - Boris Iwanski
      Boom - SP - 133k -
      Hooray, a level! And it's by everyone's favorite German guy, Boris! I actually must confess I had a sneak peek at this wad before boris uploaded it, and my impressions at the time were that it was quite good. It's a base map (as you can safely assume from the name) set inside some sort of weird green mountains. Either way the map looks great with good detail and lighting, and also quite a nice layout. My only real gripe with the map is that it's quite hard at the beginning. More often than not I found myself running out of ammo and scrambling to find more. However health wasn't too much of a problem (don't go crazy though, it's not that plentiful), and near the end you'll have more than enough ammo. Also you should note this map was made with the brand-spanking new Doom Builder editor. Don't pass this one up.

    • The Ship Level - Paul D. Disney
      Limit Removing Port - SP - 142k -
      Hooray, another level! Okay this one isn't as good as FBase6, but it's still pretty neat despite a couple of odd things. The map is the author's second attempt at mapping ever, which explains the SS Nazis and monsters stuck to walls I guess (there was also a case of a SS Nazi stuck inside another SS Nazi). Also there were some texture misalignment issues here and there, but nothing too glaring. Okay, so the map itself takes place on some sort of spaceship (there's a story in the text file, but I didn't read it) owned by the UAC. It's quite cramped and has its share of random areas (sky on the floor? green marble and brick? you bet!!), but those aside it's still pretty cool looking. The difficulty isn't too bad either, with mostly smaller monster and plenty of health and ammo. I'm not a huge fan of ultra-cramped maps (which this is) but all in all it's still a decent map and worth the download time.

    • Vrack0 - Fredrick Johnson
      ZDoom - SP - 18k -
      Dumb. Some sort of not funny lampoon on Fredrik's Vrack series. A small platform or something with crates and keys and a lot of monsters. Blah, don't bother.

    • Shell Shock - Ninja_of_DooM
      Legacy - SP - 437k -
      Normally I'd reorder the reviews so that the best map of the week (FBase6 in this case) would be first, but I'm a lazy man, so I'm ending the reviews with this gem. Before I even played it I had a bad feeling about it. First off there's no text file in the zip (shame on you Ty Halderman!) and second the wad file in the zip has the filename "Shell Shock.wad". Sigh. Anyway, the actual map is generally bland an uninteresting. Texture alignment is non-existent (except for upper unpegging), there's close to zero detail, there's a tremendous overuse of colored lighting, Legacy 3D floors are there just for the hell of it without enhancing gameplay or looks and gameplay is boring and easy, and the inclusion of Doom64 sounds add nothing whatsoever to the map aside from excess bloat and filesize. It's a very mean review, yes, so I will say it's not a total newb map. There are signs of a theme and the overall design of the areas isn't awful, but as a map overall it's just not that great.

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    Is it still trendy to say fp?

    Edit: Thanks for submitting on time Cyb :)

    Edit 2: "All correct answers are awarded with a free subscription to HotCockErotica, the world's #1 mansex site."

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    I'll admit my newest wad is a piece of crap but most of it was just stuff I thought up at random without much thought. At least I now know that tech styling isn't my strong point.:D Anyway, my next outing promises to be a bit better.

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    the dark imp is cool, despite the fact nami didn't credit me for ripping the projectile for them from alpha doom and resizing them! =P

    fbase6 is really good too, play it you fools!

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    omg yes it does.

    I must've uploaded my level a bit too late. Oh well, atleast i know the updated version will get reviewed next week.

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    Obviously FBase6 is the best of this small crop of maps, but I enjoyed playing the ship too. I like space shippy maps, and although all the odd stuff Cyb pointed out was fair comment it is, as he said, a pretty neat map.

    I loved the unbiased review of the imp sprites too. :-)

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    FBase6: The best building-integrated-into-rock design since Helpyourselfish!

    And hell yeah! I'm having sex with Doom Builder too!!

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    The snake imps are cool, but the last frame on the normal death sequence is a tad tall. But other than that, Right On!!

    The Ship Level, reminds me sooooo much of Doom Ship. Anyone remember that map? Awesome level dude.

    FBase rocks as usual. |_|_ <-- My rock-on ascii!


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    nonja_of_doom: not to cut you down even more, but your sig is too long :P six lines please, as the faq states, thanks

    good luck with your next map endeavor as well

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    Torn said:


    I seriously doubt the 'se' part. Although Toothgnip is quite the ladies goat. (norse panties of potency? :P )

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