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    The /newstuff Chronicles #19


    First of all, I would like to point out a slight change in the mechanics of our Newstuff linking system. The names of the authors, which used to link to their Email addresses, now redirects to the respective text file. Like this new setup? Hate it? Feel free to leave your opinion in the Newstuff Comment Thread. Without further delay, we bring you fourteen new WAD files, in our weekly presentation of the new DOOM-related things found on CDROM.COM.

    • Trident by Bjorn Hermans - Just a single map for Doom 2. Not much detail, and rather short, with monsters somewhat randomly placed. The map is at least made in the shape of a trident, so no deception there. There's also a music replacement, which isn't very melodic, and gets annoying after extended exposure.
    • Evil Hyrbrid by Cast Draling - A stone-and-grass, outdoor-theme level for Doom 2, with music from DOOM's E2M2 being the replacement. Inspired by the world-famous 10 Sectors WAD, this map does indeed use sector merging techniques, with a 75 sector count. The level design is very professional, clean-cut, and nice-looking. It is challenging, however. Prepare for a fight!
    • Realm Of Hell by John Cartwright - This seems to be a very professionally-designed Doom 2 level. Colorful, clean, and attractive. There seems to be very little ammo and weapons to speak of, though. Most of time is spent running. To play this map, you'll have to use Gothic Textures. Requires BOOM.
    • Unruly Evil by John Cartwright - Another challenging level for Doom 2, this time on Map07. Ammo supplies are a bit more plentiful this time, but they still seem to be a little low. The map is colorful again, with lots of lava, green stone, and wood. I just can't figure out why the size of this ZIP is over 1MB. Requires BOOM.
    • Deathmatch Arena by Mr. Rocket - This seems to be somewhat of a Map07-style deathmatch map for Doom 2. A cyberdemon in the middle of the map, ammunition scattered about, and a few new sounds, a music replacement, and some Ultimate DOOM textures. It's a decent WAD.
    • Highlnds by Chris Wright - One of the most rare kinds of maps we ever get to see; a level built for cooperative play! This is indeed a very large level. Detail is missing, and most of the map does seem somewhat square, but that shouldn't take too much away from the fun of a cooperative game. Oh yes, and the level runs on Map07.
    • Von Helsing's Mansion by Kevin Roels - For a mansion-themed level, this one feels a little stale. The mansion remains well-lighted throughout, taking away any possible spookiness. The Map01 music remains, which degreades the effect even further. The details of the occasional replaced sprites are nice, but don't seem to add much. Weapons 4-7 have been replaced as well. It all boils down to about a 300KB download. Enhanced DOOM port required.
    • The Marble Maze by Kevin Roels - The title of this map is very accurate! A maze-type level for Doom 2, mostly done with marble textures. It seems quite easy at first, but it gets challenging soon enough. There's also a pretty good music replacement to keep you going. I'm sure I've heard it before, though. You can also download the Ultimate DOOM Version.
    • Quad Wads by Kevin Roels - A deathmatch map for Doom 2. Somewhat large, mostly square, but quite interesting and diverse. Combining bright outdoor areas with dark, shadowy indoor areas. Teleporters are placed throughout. Lots of room for ambush. The more players, the better. You can also download the Ultimate DOOM Version, and the Heretic Version.
    • Gladiator by Larsboy - The name is fitting, and we all know what the strategy of the map is! Monsters infight! You are placed in a large green-stone arena, on Doom 2 Map29, and you decide which monsters you want to bring out. Run like crazy, try to survive, and see how far you can get! This map seems like it would be exceptionally fitting for cooperative or deathmatch play! Enhanced DOOM port required.
    • Mountain Deathmatch 4 by Ed Cripps - A shiny-looking Quake-like deathmatch map for Doom 2. Lots of nice detail put into this map. Curves in the walls, stairs and ledges with brown trim... Mostly stone, brick, and blood is the theme of the map. Everything seems clean and well organized. Very nice! Requires ZDoom.

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