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    The /newstuff Chronicles #203

    The Ultimate DooMer

    It's random uninteresting fact time - this week we have the lowest map-to-wad ratio ever, of 1:2 (not counting demo maps). Updates to Bombay 72 and Paranoia Rebirth are here, too. Sadly there isn't much on offer, although those who prefer classic-style maps will be happier. Along with those who love those new ZDoom monster packs. And skins. And basically anything other than maps, really:

    • ADoom v2.0 by Weasle
      436kb - n/a - n/a -
      This is a wad that changes the imp into the alien from Alien. (it's an old wad with a minor update)

    • The Bad Guys by Martin Howe (The Crazy Cat)
      1290kb - ZDoom - SP -
      Another set of the fast-emerging ZDoom monsters, this one is based around baddies. Some are from the ZDoom monster resource wad, others from Wolfenstein (which are a bit small IMO) and an assortment of Hell Knight/Baron variants (which look a bit silly IMO). In short there are flaws, but could be useful nevertheless.

    • The Boss Monster Resource Wad by Various Artists
      2170kb - ZDoom - SP -
      Hot on the heels of the monster resource wad comes the boss version. Many big baddies in here, which include the previously-seen Hectebus. It has it's own test wad so you can play them, and of course die aplenty (as they're tough to beat). Some of them are particularly impressive, and should provide the finishing touch to your project with 200 new monsters in. (note: make sure you load the test wad first on the command line, or it won't work)

    • CleanWad v1.50 by Martin Howe (The Crazy Cat)
      276kb - n/a - n/a -
      An update to a program that cleans out wasted space in wads. Updated in response to suggestions on the ZDoom forums.

    • Death Lab by Assphalt
      29kb - ZDoom - SP -
      A small industrial/base map. Detail is fairly basic in most places, although the doors have a nice lighting effect on them. The mechanism appears broken in two places (the blue key doesn't come down and the blue door is too low to get through). The gameplay revolves around two pitched battles (small scale), and doesn't have anything else to show apart from those. The atmosphere isn't too bad though.

    • e6y by Andrey A. Budko
      580kb - source port - SP -
      Two large, rather misshapen maps for you now. It starts out promising with the first couple of areas, but falls away quickly after that. Some of the areas are really confusing and in a lot of cases you'll be scratching your head for where to go next (without success, too). It does look good in many places though, particularly outside. Gameplay comprises of many big monsters and you'll have a good time with some of the battles, but many of the traps will catch you out. There's enough ammo and health, but watch out for the masses of hitscan monsters. In short, not particularly impressive but some of it is interesting and you might want to give it a shot anyway, given the lack of maps this week.

    • Foghorn by Paul Corfiatis
      4440kb - ZDoom - SP -
      The standard of mockery has certainly gone up recently. A big map stuffed full of monsters, ammo, health and boasts the most bizarre sights you'll ever see in maps. Weird combinations of texture and flat, often arranged in vast repeated patterns and sometimes accompanied by scrolling. Add to that some completely off-the-wall messages on the wall (s) and the occasional mad graphic (like in the screenie). All the pickup messages have been altered to something completely random and insane, too (in such a way that they end up being funny). The gameplay is not balanced (ie, any amounts of health and ammo), but that won't detract from the fun. Huge hordes to swathe through, and in fact the lack of a health/ammo balance means you can let your hair down and play in whatever way you want. There's even a mad berserking spree lurking towards the end, along with the option of mad rocket and bfg charges! The first and last rooms are tough though, so you will have to take it seriously at those points. The music is serious too, and quite good (but they're the only things that are). You've gotta play this one, it's a madcap adventure that you'll never forget. Thumbs up. (and believe it or not is my favourite, albeit from a poor week)

    • Gamma Labs by Chris Hansen
      290kb - source port - SP -
      Another Phobos map, but this one's for Doom 2. It looks nice, with good architecture and lighting, while still looking authentic (even with some Doom 2 textures added). The gameplay is also quite good. Chaingunners have been added to the mix and the traps, while lightweight as always, are somewhat harder due to the tight ammo and health balances. A solid map, and one that's recommended.

    • Hunters test by Blue
      167kb - Edge 1.28a - SP -
      A small map which I think is a demo. Mainly for new monsters, as that's the only new thing I can see in it. The map itself is a small pink-fest in looks, and is not very detailed. Gameplay is ok, although the final room is a little off.

    • Inuyasha Skin by Mike Kasten (Inuyasha)
      12kb - n/a - n/a -
      A skin that will make you look like a character from the popular anime series Inuyasha. 'Nuff said.

    • Kroz, IBM-ASCII Char # 002 by WildWeasel
      10kb - n/a - n/a -
      A skin that will make you look like a smiley face from ascii text games. 'Nuff said.

    • Megaman X Skin by Mike Kasten (Inuyasha)
      70kb - n/a - n/a -
      A skin that will make you look like Megaman. 'Nuff said.

    • Merc├║rio by Carlos Guariglia
      8kb - CDoom - SP -
      A short demo wad for the new CDoom port (a new update is here), showing off a pool of mercury (deep water) with true bridges going over it.

    • Metal Assault by Jimi
      25kb - doom2.exe - SP -
      A small metal map. Detail is simple but effective, and as with most maps of this kind, the default sky goes well with it. The gameplay is mostly hitscan-based, and unfortunately there isn't enough health for this. Plus the lack of a chaingun makes the final battle a bit on the silly side. It's not too bad though, despite the flaw there.

    • Neck Deep in the Dead by Jimi
      46kb - doom.exe - SP -
      A small Phobos map. It looks quite good and authentic as we'd expect from tributes these days, but the main feature in this map is the gameplay - it can end up a battle for survival. There's no health, apart from one secret med (which I didn't find) and a couple of stimpacks at the end. There's also some dark flashing light areas, which are enhanced because of this. Ammo is fairly tight too, get your pea-shooting practice in, although finding the first secret (with the med) will help. However the other secret is required to beat the exit room (but think E1M1 and you'll be fine). Overall, despite being small and linear it's not bad.

    • Sentry by Nukeface
      50kb - n/a - n/a -
      A monster wad that replaces the caco with a robot sentry. Could be useful for makers of dark future wads, who are looking for another robot (of which there aren't many around).

    • Tech by Assphalt
      25kb - doom2.exe - SP -
      Two small tech maps with a Phobos feel. They're cramped but yet look and feel good despite the minimal detail. There's too much health/ammo and no tough monsters, so -fast is recommended. (it does say in the text it's aimed at low-skilled players)

    • Doom Terrains by Daniel
      80kb - ZDoom - n/a -
      A terrain definition wad for every flat. Useful for mappers who want that extra touch of realism when hitting the floor.

    • Thematic Elements by Lutrov71 and Jimi
      319kb - doom2.exe - SP -
      We finish with a rather large map. It's split into 3 different themed areas (tech, gothic, brick) but unfortunately you can't choose the order you do them in. The detail is quite decent in most places, and some areas have tributes in them. Gameplay is hard - in fact many of you will want to switch to a lower skill setting, as some of it is definitely for the skilled Doomer (it's not HR-level hardness, but probably around the Plutonia mark). Weapons/ammo aren't a problem, but health will be, particularly in the first section. It's not a bad map, but it's not for the faint-hearted. Recommended if you can take it, though.

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    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    The Ultimate DooMer said about Neck Deep in the Dead:
    It looks quite good and authentic

    No it doesn't.

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    sargebaldy said:

    Gamma Labs is rather excellent, as you might expect considering its author ;)

    I have to second that.

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    I must triple it.
    Chris is one of my favourite authors. His maps ooze of interesting concepts and originality, all dressed up in nice looking architecture.

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    Whee, the only map really worth playing through this week is Gamma Labs. My only complaint is the music .. should have used a different E1 tune for it. Maybe E1M7?

    Thematic Elements was ok, could be alot better in terms of monster/ammo placement.

    The Boss Monster WAD is worth playing just to see the HammerHound. Very cool stuff there.

    About the re-release of Paranoia Rebirth .. all I did was add a SSG to the start so you aren't using the shotgun for most of the map. It plays alot faster this way. Plus the sprite replacements actually work now. Give it a try if you want something else to play this week :p

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    The Ultimate DooMer said:

    Thumbs up. (and believe it or not is my favourite, albeit from a poor week)

    come the fuck on

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    Just some clarifications:

    The updates to Bombay72 and CleanWAD are documentation updates only and even those are only changes to web and ftp site addresses in the text file. If you downloaded either of these previously, then you only need re-download the text file.

    As regards The Bad Guys:

    First off, none of them are from the ZDMRP. They were all designed before the ZDMRP, but inevitably, the ZDMRP uses some of the same source material and ideas that I also used. I mean, let's face it, the Chainsaw demon is an obvious thing to do, I wonder why nobody used it for so many years after its original inception in Psycosis DOOM II (1999). Even the Gremlin's skin is from the original DARKIMP.WAD rather than the later ZDMRP, though I did update a small number of the monsters with techniques used in the ZDMRP, most notably the Butcher (chainsaw demon).

    There are also dead-body decorations of each monster and shootable decoration, a few new decorations (two of which are shootable including John Romero's head on a plate!), plus some dead-monster decorations for original DOOM2 monsters that ID omitted to create for them (e.g., "dead chaingunner").

    The comments in the DECORATE lump explain the origin of and rationale behind each monster and also the general approach; but basically, these guys were created for a specific project (The Butchery), which is why they are a bit different from any monsters that they may superficially resemble.

    I am currently converting the existing (abandoned) version of the Butchery to DECORATE format before an eventual redesign (way far in the future) and will include the level in the inevitable maintainance release of The Bad Guys, just so folks can see the monsters in their original context.

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    Wow, the monster wad sucks. It should just be called "Hammerhound.wad" Since it's the only boss with any real thought and work put into it. The rest are basically just recoloured Doom monsters that shoot an ungodly ammount of shots in a large spread... and they never stop. Hammerhound is ingenious however. The stomping arms creating shockwaves and dropping rocks, and the burrial missiles (even though they were a pain in the butt). Nice sprites, and unique design.

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    I should have released my level this week. You would all bask in it's pwnage of the suckier stuff.

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    jesus what the hell. you give the only good map (Gamma Labs) this week a two sentence review and you praise a retarded and amazingly annoying joke wad?

    I must have accidently visited newdoom instead of dw; that's the only explanation for this because I am fucking lost.

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    Scuba Steve said:

    Nice sprites, and unique design.

    May I add they are rendered models? ^_^

    someone said in the past:
    Meh, You and Your 3d graphics stuff. Back at my days we used to draw stuff by hand


    Cyb said:

    jesus what the hell. (and stuff)...

    We all know TUD's reviews suck ;)

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    Cyb said:

    I must have accidently visited newdoom instead of dw; that's the only explanation for this because I am fucking lost.

    Hey, I didn't do this weeks review either.


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    At least they're better than deathz0r's... in terms of fairness, not entertainment hehehe.

    EDIT: And if you're all liked the HammerHound so much you should go kneel before Little White Mouse, the coding and graphics god of Doom. She's finally gotten back to making new monsters hehehe.

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    Really? The Hammerhound appeared already in her Hellspawn Demo (spoiler tough :( ) This is indeed an enhanced version of the old one (when it comes to both-sprite and coding).

    What I must admit is that she is indeed a queen of coding and graphics.

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    On replaying Gamma Labs I just noticed you can straferun to the yellow key from the red with a little effort :)

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    Scuba Steve said:


    Hahaha, I knew that would get your attention. You're good too Scuba, but she's still better in my mind. Even if she doesn't have a bitch-ass weapons emporeum (which I think needs more bitch-ass weapons).

    Edit: ACK! Simultanious post. Oh well, mine beat Bloodskull by a few miliseconds.

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    Bloodskull said:

    Guess Lava Arena 3 is gonna have to get reviewed next week then.

    You should name it DWANGO5 - part 2. Then maybe someone would notice it.

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    udderdude said:

    You should name it DWANGO5 - part 2. Then maybe someone would notice it.

    Almost everyone on Dc would.

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    cyber-menace said:

    Damn Dwango5 servers. I wonder if anybody who runs those things has heard of modern day wads.

    Oh please, Doom is so oldskool!

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    Nmn said:

    Jealous :P
    She made several projects, You made 1 :(


    I made Ghostbutsers Doom!

    But she can script and I can't :(

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    Gamma labs is the wad of the week for me. Tech.wad really is way to easy, even on nightmare. Foghorn uses the same recycled jokes we've seen in most joke maps, and fails it.

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