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    The /newstuff Chronicles #220


    We are down, but we are not out this week as we have seven new WADs and seven new maps with which we will assault the community. Single-player and deathmatch are scattered lightly, but there is no vacuum of quality this week. While modest, the week has its moments, and there is certainly something to be enjoyed. So rip off your blood pressure gauges, spit out your thermometers, and storm out of the doctor's office, because it is a Valentine's Day Sunday in The /newstuff Chronicles.

    • Shotgun Blastfest by Bjarne Christensen
      19kb - Doom 2 - DM - 1 map -
      Well, what is there to say about a water-based deathmatch solution? Relatively little, as it turns out. This small, symmetrical map essentially has two portions: An inner, "dry," interlinked teleport area where the players spawn, and an outer water area that "wraps" the spawn area. In other words, this is a small deathmatch map of ordinary uniqueness. The weapon of the map is the super shotgun.
    • Illyngo by Mephisto
      293kb - Skulltag - Doom 2 - SP - 1 map -
      This is definitely one of the more unique and interesting maps that we have seen in the past few weeks. This medium-sized, single-player map (oddly enough) for Skulltag is a saucy blend of outer space and marble rock. It makes use of discolored, bolstered enemies. There are only a handful of monsters to find in this map; the primary enemy is the map itself. The level requires dexterity in balancing in jumping. Overall, it is a fairly easy map with a sparkly MOD music replacement.
    • 11 Years Of Doom by Darren Finch
      419kb - Enhanced Port - Doom 2 - SP - 1 map -
      Don't let the title fool you into thinking that this is some kind of megawad. This is a medium-sized single level taking place on MAP02. Visually, the theme of the level is miscellaneous-indoor-base. Architecturally, the level makes an extremely creative use of the phrase "11 Years of Doom." It is, perhaps, the best use of letters in a map that we have ever seen. More importantly, the level plays fairly well. It is relatively easy with fewer monsters and enough items. It is also quite non-linear, as there are several paths through the map. Overall, it is a light challenge with superior visual quality.
    • Next Nightmare by Fiend
      395kb - Enhanced Port - Doom 2 - SP - 1 map -
      The quality single-player maps continue to trickle through our routers. This is a medium-large map of easy to medium difficulty. This has a dark, sinister metal base theme, very similar to Quake. Items are balanced so that there is generally enough to go around. The map design is fairly linear, but it is different in that is stretched out to the north and south. Visually, the detail is above-average and the atmosphere is well inspired. This WAD is ideal for those 3AM cravings for single-player that you get during pregnancy.
    • Inuyasha Skin by Mike Kasten
      13kb - Enhanced Port - Doom 2
      This is a chunky skin of an animé character. It supports custom colors.
    • OldDoom.com DM1 by Jake Gilbert
      45kb - Doom 2 - DM - 1 map -
      Swinging for the fences is always fun; especially when your bat clears the fence. Anyway, this is a deathmatch level for Doom 2 that shines brilliantly of 1994ism. The author seems to have exerted a bit of effort to cram every possible theme and texture that he could into this medium-sized map. This map is a stark combination of indoor and outdoor, with rooms that seem unfinished and lifts that serve no purpose except to rise above the ground couple of feet. Yes, every new and then we witness the uninhibited nakedness of a truly free-spirited map. On a positive note, the corridors in the map are twisty enough to make for an interesting chase-down.
    • Moddm3 Rejects by MasterOfDeath
      61kb - ZDoom - Doom 2 - DM - 2 maps -
      Deathmatch doesn't always have to take place in mysterious, codeine-induced maps. Sometimes we get semi-ordinary adaptations of classic Doom levels. This WAD contains two fairly different maps: One is a rare modification of Doom 2 MAP11, and the other is waterfall quarry. Both are small maps with medium-sized weapons. The quarry map makes use of underwater effects, so there is a bit more room to move around. On top of it all, there are a couple of razzy music replacements.

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    11 Years Of Doom - Excellent, recommended
    Next Nightmare - Excellent, recommended
    Illyngo - Kind of a surreal dream sequence sort of thing. Maybe most similar to the one in Max Payne, though it also reminds me of some other similar ones. But I dunno, it didn't quite do it for me. I think it was paced right for a good atmosphere, but I guess the mapping isn't quite dreamlike enough to suit it. Some blocks floating up and down in the void, maybe less of a copy and paste look would suit it well. Still it's pretty good and worth a look.

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    Next Nightmare had some bugs still. I just uploaded another version, awaiting approval and distribution. It took four or five different level editors, but I think I got it all.

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    Well, another week without weapon mods - but rest assured, next week may hold something in store. (Not necessarily from me, because I don't know how much time it will take to complete my own "Batteries Not Included" mod.)

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    AndrewB said:

    Is it my imagination, or are the screenshots too dark?

    Uh if anyone would know I would assume it would be you...

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    Thanks guys for the good comments on 11 Years :D

    Just finished playing through Fiend's Next Nightmare. That was a pretty fun map. :)

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