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    The /newstuff Chronicles #229


    Bloodshedder says: OK, well, this set of WADs isn't anywhere near "new" anymore. But thanks to the generosity of one forumgoer, we actually have reviews for them now. And without further ado, here's Nuxius:

    Well, since I had some free time tonight, and I had already played all the SP wads weeks ago, I decided to load up the DM levels from that time and I do a hyperfast #229. I did this in less than an hour, so don't expect anything worthwhile as far as reviews go.

    Single Player / Cooperative WADs

    • Hell on Egypt - Sitters
      jDoom - SP - 11737 KB
      By now, I'm sure everyone reading this has at least heard/seen screenshots of sitters' levels, even if they can't/didn't want to play them. Anyway, this was his first Doomsday release. High res textures, dynamic lighting, 3D models, the works are all in effect here to help create a great Egyptian atmosphere. As far as Doom goes, it doesn't get much prettier than this. Only downside is that the gameplay basically amounts to wallhumping everything in sight in order to find the next invisible door so you can progress through the level. Great looking, too bad it just doesn't play as well as it looks. Regardless, it still gets a recommendation from me.

    • Why Did it Have to be Snakes? - Lutrov71
      source port - SP - 131 KB
      A gothic dungeon type level that in a very remote kind of way is somewhat similar to MAP29 of Doom 2 (in that it's large indoor "island" surrounded by blood/lava). According to the text file, it was made in four days, and it shows. The level doesn't really have much direction, and has a few too many extraneous parts. For example there's a part where you have to walk all the way around the entire level to flip a single switch, and then walk all the way back (all 11600*5800 of it, I might add). On that note, due to the massive amount of the level that's viewable at one time, it may crash some "limit removing" ports. You will also need the Gothic Texture pack to play this.

    • The Dark Retreat - Macro11_1
      Legacy - SP/Coop - 3566 KB
      A gothic style level that's made primarily for Coop. Uses the Gothic DM texture set and contains a DeHacked patch that makes monsters move/attack as fast as they do in Nightmare mode (maybe even faster; since I don't play Nightmare mode much, I'm not sure). Also, an important note: Right after you start the level, when you go to open the first door, credits for the level will start to display on your screen. You have to wait until they are done before you can continue playing. Yes, it is absofuckinglutly stupid. Anyway, If you want a real challenge, then try it out in SP. Otherwise, stick to Coop only.

    • Rogue Elements - Fyrebrand
      doom2.exe - SP - 7 KB
      Ugh. I played this wad a few weeks ago out of morbid curiosity (it had 0 stars at the time in the database, still does, I think). I still remember it well, for all the wrong reasons. Ugly, poorly balanced, doors that are shoved halfway into the floor, etc etc. To make matters even worse, the creator compares it to Contra... must've been Legacy of War-no scratch that, even LoW would be insulted. Horrible in all regards. Avoid.

    • stop this wads updated in 1994 - Paul Corfiatis
      doom2.exe - SP - 39 KB
      Seems as if Paul got a little tired of that idiot a few weeks ago that was putting "stop this wads updated in 1994" (sic) in every review for newstuff in the database. So he released this wad as a joke. Funny thing is, this wad is nowhere near as bad as Paul makes it out to be. Sure, it isn't great by any means, but it's not mind numbingly awful either. Basically, your job is to work your way through a maze to find the blue key necessary to open up the exit room, while avoiding a Cyberdemon that roams throughout the level. The level is Wolf3D styled; expect lots of SS Guards patrolling various areas, along with a few Arachnotrons. There's also a ammo/powerup cache out there, complete with a megasphere and a BFG to help you eliminate the Cyberdemon, if you so choose.

    Deathmatch WADS
    • Fragglicution - Simon Howard "Fraggle"
      doom2.exe - DM - 94 KB
      A set of small gothic style deathmatch maps. Good for 2 players, maybe 3. All weapons featured. Recommended.

    • SSLLAOS - Anon
      doom2.exe - DM - 34 KB
      A large deathmatch map with a very dark center area full of pillars/weapons/ammo and elevators surrounding the area that lead to an outside area full of courtyards/hallways. Detail is basically nonexistent (1994 style), so if you like your deathmatch maps that way, then give it a shot. All weapons featured. I would recommend at least 6 players.

    • Stronghold - Lee "DooMAD" Wallis
      doom2.exe - DM - 140 KB
      A grey symmetrical deathmatch map with a badly recolored sky. Has a surrounding hallway with stairs leading up to rooms that overlook a small courtyard. Everything but the Plasma rifle and BFG featured. Good for 2-4 players.

    • Sacred Ruins - Lee "DooMAD" Wallis
      Boom - DM - 172 KB
      A brown symmetrical deathmatch map with several pathways surrounding a small central area. Requires use of the jump key. Everything but the BFG featured. Good for 2-4 players.

    • Toxic Pit - Lee "DooMAD" Wallis
      Legacy - DM - 177 KB
      DooMAD gives us another symmetrical deathmatch map, only this time it's for Legacy. Basically it's a small canopy type thing surrounded by a large slime moat with a cliff edge on the other side. It takes place at night, so of course it's super dark. Due to that fact, it's not for my tastes, but if it sounds interesting to you, then give it a go. Good for 2-4 players. SG/SSG/CG/RL featured.

    • Epicenter - Lee "DooMAD" Wallis
      Boom - DM - 188 KB
      Layout is somewhat similar to Stronghold, except this one looks a lot better. It sure does have a lot of weapon pickups for a map of it's size though. All weapons featured except the BFG. Good for around 4 players.

    • Circle of Caina - FraGMarE (Ian McPherson)
      doom2.exe - DM - 190 KB
      A nice looking icy deathmatch map. Laid out in a circle, similar to maps 2 and 11 from Doom 2. Features all weapons. Good for 2-4 players. Recommended.

    • MAG HQ - julz_d, Cybershark etc.
      ZDaemon - Coop/DM - 1412 KB
      Reading from the textfile, it's a HQ for the MagnaMarines Clan. Comes complete with a kitchen, theatre, hordes of bedrooms, a pool room, a dance club, etc. Since it's just a HQ, there really isn't much to do here other than look around. Of course, you could go to the control room and spawn some Cyberdemons to kill, over and over again if you wanted to...

    Other assorted stuff
    • Doom face -> Man version 2.1 - Simon Howard "Fraggle"
      doom2.exe - N/A - 12 KB
      One of the files will stick a color box behind doom guy's face on the status bar. So if you're green the space behind the face will be green, red for red, etc. Other two files (one for SP, one for Coop/DM) replace the status bar face with a front view of the doom guy sprite. Like how you see other players in Coop/DM. It will also be the color of your corresponding player.

    • Blue Cacodemon - Doom A Holic
      doom2.exe - N/A - 48 KB
      Does what it says, makes Cacodemons blue. Doesn't look like crap, so if you want your Cacos blue, give it a shot.

    Random crap I didn't want to/not going to try out
    • Underconduct - Lutarez
      zDoom + Plutonia - DM - 118 KB
      Hmm, a map that only works in zDoom, but doesn't use any features of zDoom, according to the author himself. He was going to use zDoom features, but got lazy. Apparently this laziness carried over to the fact that he didn't take the time to convert it back either. There's one positive note though. This map requires Plutonia, and since I don't have Final Doom, I don't have have the required files to play this. Sure, I could just download the Plutonia texture pack, but oh, it appears as though I'm too lazy to do it. Whoops. NEXT!

    • WW HEAD CNA FLOT! - Chronoteeth
      doom2.exe - N/A - 1252 KB
      The name/description says enough to me. If you still don't understand, it's a joke sounds wad, and that's all that needs to be said.

    • Starcraft weapon sounds rescorce pack - Chronoteeth
      zDoom, Edge - N/A - 2318 KB
      Once again, name says it all. Since I'm on my laptop, and the tiny transistor radio type speakers make everything sound awful, I'm not even going to bother.

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    Well, looks like you fixed it. I suppose Vile's post must've been messing it up, since I notice it's gone now.

    hey where's the markov rewiews :(

    This is #229, the one that Ralphis was supposed to do about a month ago, not #233, that comes tomorrow (maybe).

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    Kochipahk said:

    Woot. 3 newstuffs in three days (assuming #233 comes out tomorrow)!

    This deserves a big fat HeH.

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