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    The /newstuff Chronicles #243


    How do and welcome to another edition of newstuff...a rather small, quiet edition which just so happens to be hosted by a hapless new reviewer...newstuff in more ways than one. If it wasn't for the plain turnout this could almost feel like a special newstuff. It's not, slow week, enjoy what's there, it'll have to last you a week!

    • Macilbot v1.1 - Halden
      Skulltag - n/a - 539 KB
      This file is a purely a bot...named Macil. He seems a decent enough guy in his armour but unfortunately is prone to jumping up and down in front of a mancubus. Aside from this he looks good, and comes out with some pretty poetic dialogue if you like that sort of thing. A welcome addition if you're bored of the standard Skulltag bots.

    • Max Secrets - Ledmeister
      doom.exe - n/a - 10 KB -
      What can I say? It's a text file that lists the quantity of official secrets in each map of every available version of commercial Doom. Err..handy I think...

    • Demons Just Wanna Have Fun - Walter \
      Limit Removing - Solo Play - 515 KB -
      ...and so do we. Unfortunately, there is a lack of it in here. In this level you'll often find frustrating dead ends that leave you with nowhere to go, to the point where you're reduced to that dreaded task of clicking mindlessly on walls. When you do find your way, you can find some pretty nice areas in this map...but some pretty dreadful ones too. The variation in quality here is blindingly appararent. Gameplay is often random and item and monster placement is fairly poor. There are some areas that bring this level up from being an all rounded flop but when you enter one of the thousands of doors around, you can sometimes be brought back down with a bump. And if there's one thing I hate more than a mind boggling amount of doors in a map...it's SS soldiers in a Doom map. Try it, see what you think. For me, it just wasn't there.

    • Domine - Jacob H. Orloff
      Limit Removing - Solo Play - 1117 KB -
      Here we have a first time mapper with their first offering. I can already hear the crowded groans, but at least this map shows what other first maps don't: the mapper has attempted to put some effort in. We don't have all the random textures, huge doors and crammed monsters that others have. To general standards, yes this map is poor, the main thing lacking being good detail, or any detail for that matter. But it's a stepping stone into the editing world, and the mapper is at least showing that with added detail and practice, they could potentially become a Doom editing fixture. Just cut out the bland, repetitive mazes!

    • Motor Rail - 'me' apparantely...well that's helpful
      Boom Compatible - Solo Play - 197 KB -
      I wasn't sure what to make of this map. Basically you have to get to the end of a train and hit the engine switch...a nice idea, but the atmosphere didn't particularly meet up to the author's proposed intentions. The map is fairly basic in gameplay, with some nice detail in places. You end up running alongside a train that I'm afraid, despite valiant efforts, looks nothing like a train, and fighting through uninspiring hordes of monsters. It's decent enough to pass a couple of minutes by, give it a shot.

    • Motor Rail House - It's 'me' again!
      Boom Compatible - Deathmatch - 133 KB
      This is an area from the previously reviewed map, modified slightly for Deathmatch purposes. It seems awfully crowded to DM in but I can't comment much as, being the friendless loner I am, I didn't have an opportunity to try it out for what it was intended.

    • Styx Deathmatch Collection - Richard Jaspars 'Styx' and compiled by 'that guy' (don't these names get better?!)
      ZDoom Compatible - Deathmatch - 199 KB
      It's pointless reviewing these as they will have already been reviewed on their original release. However I'll provide the link as it's worth a shot....it's the Styx DM levels compiled by a different author so you can play 'em all together. How generous.

    • Submerge DM Pack 2 - Joel R. Poston aka Submerge
      Skulltag - Deathmatch - 411 KB -
      A decent collection of mainly outdoor, well detailed and highly playable DM maps. Some interesting themes here, with a CTF map thrown in as well. The author is nice like that. These will provide some entertaining multiplayer games

    • QBoard - Biff Debris, Lunaran, Aardappel
      Limit Removing - Solo Play - 373 KB -
      A varied offering here, three maps, three authors, three syles. naturally. Map one starts off well and is intended as a chainsaw fest. It serves this purpose and the beginning of the level looks rather good as well. later on appearance quality slides somewhat. Map 2 is well made until the same style of room is seen over and over again. There is no variation, the map is very repetitive. Map 3 is by far the superior piece in this pack. An intense tech base with good detail and enjoyable gameplay. Not bad, give it a whirl.

    • Jägermörder 02 : Terra Nova - Derek MacDonald aka Afterglow
      Boom Compatible (> 32K Segs) - Solo Play - 373 KB -
      Well I'm saving the best until last here. (well that's more than a lie. I'm making out this was intentional when the truth is I actually nearly missed this out when looking through the incoming maps. Don't know how I managed that, but I'm thankful Bloodshedder reminded me in the nick of time!)

      This map is without a shadow of a doubt, this week's highlight. With brilliant detail, well flowing gameplay and originality throughout, this is a must play level. The fights are intense and there are some breathtaking outdoor areas and intricately detailed indoor areas. Traps are common but not so they are tedious and they keep gameplay active and the player on their toes. The theme is consistent yet not repetitive and there is good use of Boom features. Definitely the gem in the crown of this week's batch! Go play it!

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    SP (Stupid Post)

    Nice job, I think. Haven't read through it yet.

    EDIT: Yes, very nice job.

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    wow, qboard is old. really old. i played it back in like 1999 or early 2000.

    i should play the jagermorders.

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    That was a good review. For the first tim in a while I didn't have to download every map to see if I wanted it. And Afterglows map was definetly the best.

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    I loved Jagermorder :D The first one was really fun, and it was worth the five year wait ;)

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    TomD666 said:

    Great job reviewing.


    Will you give him a break? This was his first review!

    Let me see your review for this week and I will tell you if yours is better.

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    yeah nice job on detecting praise. I said he did a nice job reviewing, but mine were better. Because mine are possibly the most incredible reviews in doomworld.


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    TomD666 said:


    The reviews just sound stupid. I'm sorry, but shouting and mud throwing is something I'd expect from a 8 year old mentally handicapped individual who lacks an ability to express himself with logical words and just decides to go crazy.

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    Bloodshedder said:

    The reviews just sound stupid. I'm sorry, but shouting and mud throwing is something I'd expect from a 8 year old mentally handicapped individual who lacks an ability to express himself with logical words and just decides to go crazy.

    That sounds familiar..

    Tough I agree with however wrote that

    EDIT: Duncan's reviews were really nice. Can't wait to try some wads.
    Qboard old, yep, but it still kicks ass.

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    Bastet Furry said:

    Jägermörder Hey!
    Jägermörder Ho!
    Jägermörder GoGoGo!!!

    Best map since sliced bread ^.^

    I want to see a map of sliced bread.

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