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    The /newstuff Chronicles #247


    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, UPLOADER OF CDOOM*.zip? Once again, you've uploaded CDoom 2.05 and CDoom reference files, and it's annoying me to no end. Regardless, we have a few lost treasures *ahem* that weren't covered in previous /newstuff Chronicles and some all new material for all of you crazy lunatics to check out. Click onwards to continue your /newstuff journey!

    • Demented Reality : A DeHackEd revolution! - TheDarkArchon
      ZDoom - N/A - 523kb -
      I was interested by this WAD when I read the text file and noticed that it mentioned that it merged ZDoom's DEHACKED and DECORATE features in a way "never seen before". I checked the firearm replacements first and saw nothing that caught my attention, especially the ugly pistol graphics. However, the projectile replacements (Rocket Launcher etc) were simply amazing. To be honest, I was surprised to see something like this being done without actually adding new weapons and trying to "hide" the original weapons. I don't want to spoil too much though, as these are worth checking out on your own.

    • Forgotten Phobos Station - Jacek 'Illdo' Dobrzyniecki
      doom2.exe - SP - 465kb -
      I'm hoping that Jacek did listen to my advice in #244, as this map is a lot better than that piece of crap known as Tagzonez. The detail is still lacking in some areas, but it is a major improvement overall. The gameplay however is not challenging whatsoever, and I had finished it without dying once on Ultra-Violence. Still, if you like quick bursts of action, this might be worth checking out.

    • Skulltag Soccer - The authors of ZFBall and Brandon Del Bel
      Skulltag - Teamplay - 2.1mb -
      If you've played ZDoom Soccer by Andrew Shepard, this is basically the same thing, except it's been modified to work with Skulltag's Teamplay mode. Basically if you're not aware, the object of this WAD is to play a game of soccer with some friends against a team of EVIL CONTESTANTS THAT PLAN TO RULE THE SOCCER WORLD! Well, not really, but the jist of it is to give Doom a whole new multiplayer twist. Six levels are included, and they are incredibly well-detailed and suitable for the theme of this WAD. WAD OF THE WEEK

    • Taboo Turf: CTF - Jehar (with ctf-ization by Johnny)
      "ZDoom" - SP - 28kb -
      This map (in its original form) was featured in the Skulltag Last Man Standing map pack that I reviewed back in #244. My opinion for this map is pretty much the same as it was for STLMSv2, but now it's been CTF-ified by a prominent member of the Skulltag community, and it sure as hell kicks the same amount of ass as the LMS version. Brilliant detail, layout blah blah blah. My recommendation is at least 4vs4, due to the large size of this map.

    • UDM05 - Marek Wozniak
      Enhanced Doom Port - SP - 576kb -
      Now, I'm usually an unfair person when it comes to first WADs (since almost all of them suck), but this is pretty damn nifty for a first released WAD. The detail is lacking in a few areas, but the gameplay is challenging and enjoyable to boot. The map is non-linear, so you will have to remember where certain locked doors are in order to progress further, but that's not a major problem. Honestly, I can't wait to see more Single Player material from Marek, as he has really great potentional.

    • Uplink - Dr. Zin
      Boom - SP - 737kb -
      To conclude this week's /newstuff, we have an unfinished map from the CC3 vault! The detail overall is very decent and the map is very non-linear, although the crate maze is a pain in the ass to move around. The ammo placement is incredibly sparse, and I had to fist my way through demons and zombiemen multiple times, which can be really annoying for lesser-skilled players. Still, give this a try if you like maps where you have to use your ammo wisely.

    • The Arms Of Oblivion - TheDarkArchon, Chronoteeth, Xenophon
      EDGE - N/A - 1,094kb
      Note by deathz0r: I can't run EDGE on this crappy computer so I asked the first person available, who by pure chance just happened to be Tom_D. I'll let him take over:

      As "officialy worst reviewer in doomworld", Deanz0r was like "Tom do a review for me because EDGE is gay for me" and I was like "OKAY"

      So, let's go through the weapons in order!
      also this is a community pack so like stuff

      #1) SCYTHE
      Oh, the graphics are a bit rusty, and it's just an average melee weapon but the AWESOME FACTOR is there - IT SLICES THINGS IN HALF. so like
      5/5 AWESOME

      #2) TAZER
      bleh, this thing could be done in dehacked BUT you can throw it and it explodes. God knows why but it's one hot explosion.
      4/5 AWESOME

      Hey, it has this predator laser sighting thing. Which means I can pretend i'm the PREDATOr and go around hutning MARINES AND KILLING STUFF AND BEING AWESOME AND GO STEALTHYAHFAHHAAHJDAJDAHAGHA
      5/5 AWESOME

      Bog-standard pistol but it fires it in a burst of three. Great. Good weapon with nice animation, but not enough awesome.
      2/5 AWESOME

      Okay, it's got a wider spread than the doom shotgun but that's about it. Oh, it fires off some steam and ejects shells, which both have an unrealistic feel about it. Any weapon from CS has to be realistic - how come there's only one firing mode? What about five? You could have one to polish the gun, you could have a melee attack, the usual shotgun thing, or you could fire a grenade from the attachment that doesn't really exist or you could just pee in the face of the enemy. Rip isn't nice either, doomguy hand is added nicely though.
      1/5 AWESOME

      #6) SNIPEYPOOS
      Average sniper rifle weapon, but plus points for awesome graphic, and is just pulled off well.
      2.5/5 AWESOME

      #7) NAILGUN
      Okay, it's ripped off from Quake, and it uses those same steam sprites uGHHH but it's a nailgun and they rule. nice graphic too. That's about it.
      3/5 AWESOME

      Okay, this is awesome for some reason, but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the hot graphics, or the awesome sound. It's not even that original, but it's just GREAT.
      4/5 AWESOME

      #9) PLASMA GUN
      Meh, badly ripped Doom64 sprite. Not much difference from the original plasma gun aside from worse graphics and that the plasma isn't direct like the original. Big whoop.
      1/5 AWESOME

      Holy shit this is hot because when you shoot it the plasma thing hits a wall and BOUNCES OFF IT AND EVERYTHING DIES
      5/5 AWESOME

      Okay, a minigun that shoots rockets? NOW I'VE SEEN EVERYTHING except it uses that steam sprite again :( AND YOU CAN EVEN SHOOT IT IN CLUMPS WHOOOO
      4.5/5 AWESOME <-- knocked off for STEAM SPRITE >:(

      Damn, I was expecting something really awesome. You shoot a grenade.. it bounces for a while.. it stops.... DOOM EXPLOSION SPRITE and it's just a cluster bomb really. What a rip. Hot HUD graphics so POINT FOR THAT.
      2/5 AWESOME

      #13) DISINTERGRATOR i spelt it wrong
      holy sheeet. it's not really that special a weapon to be honest but it just kills things JUST LIKE THAT INSTANTLY. Well, smaller enemies. Basically just a revved up rocket launcher. BUt hell, can't beat that disintergration thing >:O
      4/5 AWESOME

      #14) BFG 543059354953953
      Shoots off tons and tons of plasma type projectiles, just like in the DOOM PRESS RELEASE! I think it's obvious about how awesome this is.
      5/5 AWESOME

      Now, overall it's basically a mix and match weapon pack. But that's probably because it's a community pack. Anyway, LET'S TOTAL UP THE SCORES
      47/70 = 67%

      Fuck that, this weapon pack is just a good one, to be honest. Not as good as say Immoral Conduct, or some of WildWeasel's other ones, but that's to be expected - it's a community one! I think it could do with more original ideas, and of course more awesome.





    There's also an update to Robocop weapons and Void, but who cares about those WADs?

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    deathz0r said:

  • Forgotten Phobos Station - Jacek 'Illdo' Dobrzyniecki
    ZDoom - SP - 465kb

  • ==================================================
    Advanced engine needed : None!
    Primary purpose : Single
    Title : Forgotten Phobos Station
    Filename : pstation.wad

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    Well, honest reviews of the weapon mods. I applaud Deathz0r and Tom_D for actually doing these things some justice (especially since I haven't gotten around to reviewing them for the Armory yet).

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    Whoever keeps uploading CDoom and the related stuff probably just wants to make sure that it stays near the top of the directory listing (when ordered by date) in an effort to increase its visibility.

    Kinda like spam, if you will. One can only hope that the FTP server maintainer will ban their asses, or replace the CDoom files by zero-byte ones (or something similar) that are write-protected so they can't be overwritten anymore.

    In any case, it seems to be a pathetic attempt to get more attention for someone's pet project.

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    Thank you velly much for reviewing stfball... finally.

    You suck at being goalie though; I can kick your ass any day of the week.

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    Occasionally that happens in a server (bug). I wonder if maybe you had the no monsters flag checked because that will break it pretty quickly.

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    Are there any Skulltag Servers running Football? I'd really love to play it against some people :)

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    exp(x) said:

    You suck at being goalie though; I can kick your ass any day of the week.

    Looks like you're asking for a challenge right there!

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    Veddge said:

    Are there any Skulltag Servers running Football? I'd really love to play it against some people :)

    Yes, there is a TNC server running it. It's number 31.

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    Holy shit. Not a single '94 wad. Either funduke died, ran outta wads, or got lazy this week. Or any combination of the three.

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    footman said:

    Holy shit. Not a single '94 wad. Either funduke died, ran outta wads, or got lazy this week. Or any combination of the three.

    Or he just ignored all the '94 wads which is what we should just do from now on.

    But fuck now you've probably jinxed us and we're going to have barrels of '94 wads next week :(

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    Xenphire said:
    Or he just ignored all the '94 wads which is what we should just do from now on.

    That's apparently not the case; and some people want to try the '94 wads.

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    TheDarkArchon said:

    Or maybe Deathz0r doesn't review them for great justice (tm)

    Well, there are no 1994 wads this week. But yeah, I don't bother reviewing them.

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    give me credit when you rip my sprites.
    (regarding "The Arms Of Oblivion")
    you gave credit to scuba steve and the like....what about me?

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