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    The /newstuff Chronicles #322


    Here we are once again with the mostly-weekly roundup of new WADs, written by all of you who are brave or indifferent enough to face the criticism of people whose expectations your reviews don't match up with. Aren't the WADs themselves just a little more important than the reviews?

    • Yet Another UAC Base - JJP
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 49035 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Black Metal
      Now this is what I call a nice balanced challenge.

      What isn't there to love about this map? Everyone should be playing this on ultra violent, it is more designed for save fiends than anything else. Now, I do admit... I died only two times through the entire game—but that doesn't mean it's easy. This is a well done map that is a great challenge for any Doomer. You will need some luck (not really, but some), a good understanding of how many shots from weapon X kills monster Y, and a save slot.

      Everything in this map is nice and balanced. The health is the perfect amount, the ammo is the perfect amount, the areas are the perfect size, and the level uses the entire map in the end again to create a really cool area. To top it off, the monsters are structurally placed so its both fun and one hell of a challenge, without being too challenging, that is.

      There is no bugs in this map, everything is done neatly, and looks quite nice while we're at it. I can't say much for this wad except the fact it was enjoyable all the way through me for me. It doesn't use any special effects, and could run on the old Doom 95 version, but man this was a blast.

      Unlike most wads nowadays, I recommend this one to everyone who enjoys a semi-tough challenge that is totally balanced and fair. If you're looking for huge cut-scenes and amazing triggers from Hexen in Doom format, don't bother with this one. This easily is among the better wads I've reviewed, and I'm proud to say this is one of the most enjoyable non-added on PWAD. By "non added on", I mean the author didn't load any sprites, models, use ZDoom stuff, and could have made it straight out of Doombuilder in Doom 2 mode. Impressive. Too bad it's a bit short (possible to beat in 10-15 minutes).

      Oh, and I'm sure Deathmatch would be a blast on here? Maybe, if the entire area is open. What a bonus =)

    • Eclipse - Deadwing
      ZDoom Compatible - Solo Play - 1398487 bytes -
      Reviewed by: JohnnyRancid
      Eclipse is a pretty fun mapset. Despite being only for ZDoom and ZDoom-esque ports, only a few features were used. There's new text scenes and high(er) resolution TITLEPIC and INTERPIC. And there's a dehacked patch fit snugly in there to make the Spider Mastermind battle feel endless. Aside from that, everything in this mapset is regular traditional Doom feeling.

      There are 3 episodes: Alpha Labs, Beta Labs, and Delta Labs, each a little more hellish and rustier than the previous. The maps are pretty non-linear for the most part. The first episode is pretty fun. It uses easy monsters such as zombies, imps and demons, with an occasional cacodemon planted in some areas. In the first couple maps, you rarely fight more than 5 monsters at a time. Every map makes a chaingun or shotgun available somewhere in the first couple rooms, so every map is generally beatable from a pistol start. There is just barely enough ammo in each level to take out every single monster, so missing some shots might cost you to do some fisticuffs. However, this is rare in the first episode. All maps in all 3 episodes give you a good taste of good maps with little detail. Their design was intricate, but playing them made me want to open it up in DoomBuilder and start jamming sectors into every room because it just looked so tempting.

      The second episode starts to really tighten up, since the gameplay is almost exactly the same as episode 1. Except in this case, it's a slightly different texture theme, and wherever there would normally be zombies, there are demons and spectres. Wherever there would normally be imps, there are hell knights. Wherever there would normally be cacodemons, there are a pair of Mancubuses. At this point, gameplay starts to suffer, since it's a blastfest of taking out the same cycle of medium-difficult monsters with a tight ammo situation. Health started to become an issue at this point too. Then again, I haven't played Doom in a while. However, reaching the Plasma gun for the first time was very relieving and helped the fun factor a little.

      I began to fear that Episode 3 would be the same thing except with Hell Barons, Pain Elementals, Revenants and Arch-viles. Unfortunately, I was exactly right. The fighting was pretty addictive because it really was traditional Doom gameplay, but the maps start to get boring in the sense that there were rarely any memorable sights. All the maps... well, they look the same. Even though they are not the same maps, it was difficult to find landmarks that stand out to differentiate the maps.

      The mapset was fun to play for the most part. Deadwing deserves special credit for the number of maps he made single-handedly. Though the mapset lacks a kind of distinctiveness that makes it near indescribable. In turn, it refuses to produce real eye-candy.

    • Tarakannik - Sasha
      ZDoom Compatible - Solo Play - 3064417 bytes -
      Reviewed by: hnsolo77
      A megawad chock full of monsters, hundreds per level, and a host of annoying 'new' monsters such as a Pain Elemental that shoots Revenant missiles in MASSIVE streams of death, or a Cacodemon that spews plasma faster than your plasma rifle.

      The architecture is very squareish, no real theme or flow. The maps can range from confusing as hell to simple yet quickly becoming tedious. Look at the screens to get the gist of things, and I honestly would recommend a SLIGE megawad before this one due to SLIGE putting out superior maps compared to these.

    • SURVIVAL OF THE WINNEST - scook1776
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 3444 bytes
      Reviewed by: Wills
      It's a 512 by 512 map. You kill Barons of Hell with a pistol. Absolute, pure shit, and I'm genuinely sorry I spared space to review a piece of soggy garbage like this.

    • HORDES 2 - Robin Andrews
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 26999 bytes
      Reviewed by: Traysandor
      If Hell Revealed was made in 1994, this level (which runs on Map04 for some reason, and was released in March 1995 according to the textfile) might be a primitive example of what it might have looked like. The fact that there's several hundred Shotgunners {along with some F. Humans, Imps, and a few Cacos} in bland halls and rooms doesn't help much here. Also, there are unpegged doors that don't always open for you, and a nuke pit with a blocked teleport, which is the only way out.

      Overall, avoid this wad. If you want HR-style action, go play something else.

    • Telexom - JS
      doom.exe - Solo Play - 43535 bytes -
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      This is a classic Doom map that starts on E1M1. The map is a seemingly endless series of large, underdetailed square rooms. I don't think there's a non-square room in the entire map, save a hallway or two. Also, there is almost no height variation anywhere. The gameplay couldn't get any more boring if you tried. The enemies wander around the square rooms and are pretty much toast as soon as you open the door. There are a few traps, but they are really weak and the enemies easily dispatched. At first I thought this was a '96 map, until I looked at the file date and realized it was made this year. Avoid unless you are really, really bored.

    • !MH_1.WAD - Mark Holtkamp
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 73571 bytes
      Reviewed by: JacKThERiPPeR
      I ask thee: is this a GODDAMN JOKEWAD? Seriously. You start with the pistol and the BOSS BRAIN in front of you. Yeah, you can easily win this garbage shooting John Romero without playing it entirely! Now, there are no weapons (that I might have seen), lots of hard monsters, etc. My first encounter: a PAIN ELEMENTAL. And then, lots of imps, and... zombiemen! And then, damn chaingunners! Damn! *rabies*


      Note: Did he really begin mapping this in 1901?

    • Cheap - ringo and executor
      Limit Removing - Deathmatch - 166826 bytes
      Reviewed by: JohnnyRancid
      A rather mediocre looking Deathmatch map. It's got a good selection of weapons scattered about, though the map design is pretty weak and uninspired. It's just kinda a blotch of sectors really. It's got a pretty neat statbar though, and phasered sound effects. Aside from that, there isn't really anything going for this wad. I wouldn't deathmatch on it.

    • Hell's Abattoir - Sean "shotgunmasascre2" McCarthy
      ZDoom Compatible - Solo Play - 358415 bytes -
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      This is a ZDoom map for Doom 2. It has a gothic/hell castle theme. The map layout is good, with plenty of height variation and some nice texture/detail work. The gothic theme works well here. The gameplay is good, although it has one major problem - you get the berserk pack at the beginning of the map, and from that point on the author forgets you even have it. You can easily tyson in certain spots and end up with piles of extra ammo laying around. By the end of the map, I was overflowing with ammo. I felt the author missed a great chance to play stingy with ammo, and force the player to punch some more demons in the face, while conserving ammo for where it's really needed. Also, there's a few places where you can jump over a railing and fall into an area you can't get out of without noclip. It's still worth a quick play, though.

    • Coils of the Twisted Tale - James "Phobus" Cresswell
      ZDoom Compatible - Solo Play - 2001904 bytes -
      Reviewed by: hnsolo77
      This most recent offering from Phobus is interesting and separated into chapters. Most of them good, a few of them bad. The bad ones tend to have a severe lack of ammo. However the rest of it makes up for it with intense gameplay and interesting locations. I'll let the screenshots do most of the talking for me on this one. If it looks like something you like, play it; if not, don't. I would recommend at least giving it a shot since it's pretty fun.

    • Qrumpi Old Men - Ruba
      Limit Removing - Solo Play - 76960 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Lizardcommando
      Here we go. Yet another Ruba map. "Qrumpi Old Men" comes with three maps. The first map starts you off in a courtyard staring right into the eyes of a Shotgun guy. Later in the map, you find yourself in a maze surrounded by lava. There are a lot of imps and cacodemons waiting to kick your ass along with some Wolfenstein guys guarding some switches, a rocket launcher and a BFG9000. Not to mention that there are a total of 8 megaspheres spread throughout this map. At the end of the level, you face off against a cyberdemon and an archvile. There's one of the 8 megaspheres I mentioned, an invulnerability sphere and some cells. This map's not that bad compared to many of Ruba's other maps. Aside from the ridiculous placement of the SS guys and the ridiculous player start, it's not too bad. It's nothing new and groundbreaking, it's just OK. However, the quality of the maps in this map pack take a very dramatic turn in the second and third map.

      The second map is pointless. It consists of 4 tiny rooms containing 4 switches, 4 archviles, a super shotgun, a box of shotgun shells, and a soulsphere. It's not even worth taking a screenshot of.

      The third and final map is basically a nuts.wad ripoff, but worse. The only enemies on this map are 10,0000 imps and 16 cyberdemons. You are standing on a small square platform surrounded by big cell packs, a BFG9000, and 4 megaspheres. What makes this map extremely pointless is that the exit switch is right next to you. You don't even have to shoot anybody to complete it. The map's really laggy up to the point that it's virtually unplayable, so don't even bother try to play it.

      All in all, the first map is OK, the second and third maps suck.

    • Death Beckons - Kenny "KennyJC" Coughlan
      GZDoom - Solo Play - 1899414 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Wills
      This is a rather nice GZDoom map that utilizes Quake's metal textures to create a very nice lava-dungeon atmosphere. It's fairly challenging but not too hard. I didn't really like the disciples (which I assume are from Heretic or Hexen), as they were pretty annoying and didn't fit in with Doom's monsters. Other than that, this level is a good way to use up about twenty minutes or so.

    • HOKUTO NO DOOM - Level designer resource kit - Benoit Spacher
      doom.exe - Solo Play - 3126262 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Cutman
      After a bit of a scuffle on the forums and a LONG development process to make this thing legal, Hokuto No Doom is finally in the archives.

      I don't want to go too much into detail with the story here, but Hokuto No Ken is popular old manga with violence, fighting, the usual. It's actually pretty good, and I suggest anyone to watch a few episodes. The plot revolves around Ken, who is a master of a martial art known as Hokuto Shinken, which is so strong you can literally poke someone in a certain place to make their brain explode. It involves some pretty bizarre fighting sequences where usually Ken kills his opponents in seconds after a long winded introduction to the badguys. So how do you put that in Doom?

      Now released as a "Level designer resource kit" (previously a shareware TC) the wad contains enough new textures, sounds, weapons and monsters (in E1 at least) based on Hokuto No Ken to help developers create maps and mods based on the manga. But the question is, would you want to?

      First, the textures aren't too bad. There's a lot of dark blue and brown, but it matches some of the shows building colors so that's fine. The weapon graphics are not bad but they really don't suit what they do. For example, a double kick acts like a shotgun. It's kind of like that Dragonball Z TC, it just looks daft. Moving on, most of the enemies look great. Almost perfect renditions of their anime counterparts, but as with all TCs, there are duplicated characters and bosses, and again their attacks don't suit what they're supposed to be doing. The menu graphics, HUD etc. are what to expect from a TC. I gotta admit I thought the map screen was cleverly done though.

      So there you have it. As a editing package I can guarantee it's going to get NO serious mappers to help out, and, listen iceman and co., this is why: You're living in the past. Doom has moved on since its doom.exe days. Learn how to mod for ZDoom or something and make something properly. Yes, you need maps badly but what you need more is something more than just a graphics and sounds replacement. After all, Hokuto No Ken is about fighting. Not only is putting that into a FPS (let alone an old one) extremely difficult, but you're using the bare bones in terms of editing. Learn ZDoom (or some other Doom port) and you might stand a chance at getting it right. As it stands now, to Doomers (and probably many more Hokuto No Ken fans), it's just a TC, and it's a bogus one at that (as it only replaces E1 stuff).

    • Crux - JS
      doom2.exe - Deathmatch - 33520 bytes -
      Reviewed by: prdarkfox
      This is a very basic and very functional DM map with no cohesive theme. While lighting is in no short supply, marble, brick and metal coincide with each other. Of course... doesn't seem like it would be a bad thing, given that the map is very wide open with a few points of cover and a relatively balanced layout. If you're planning on taking a hike from the action, there is a single plasma gun on the bottom of the cross along with the sawed-off shotgun at the tip of the bottom. Ammo is plentiful, health not so. The rocket launcher is right in the middle in a shallow 10-point acid pit, giving players a great objective to fight over. Some high spots to fire and fade from as well. The text file says four players, but given the speed of Doom, this seems perfect for a good hunt or long range stand-off of two players as well. Check this map out.

    • Cancer Dimension - JS
      doom2.exe - Deathmatch - 59346 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Black Metal
      This is a nice small deathmatch map, named cancer.wad.

      But... why is it called Cancer Dimension? I don't get it. There is nothing cancer about this level. The closest thing to it would be this small red brick room with water? Well, while we're on the topic--it is a decent deathmatch level. Wouldn't hold too much play time, but decent nonetheless. Everything is nice and spaced out with not too much cheap weapons.

      Most of the stuff is on the top of platforms, which is weird to get to. When you have someone following you and you think:
      "Oh my god move faster you fucking elevator... yes its goin-- God DAMNIT I'm dead!"
      "Okay, I'll try another one-- shit he's on my ass again... oh no not another elevator to get a weapon! Ugh okay come on elev-- fuck not again!"

      Yep, that's probably the exact transcript of my deathmatch annoyance out loud. I keep dying on elevators. The guns on the ground are nice, but everything is on the upper floor. If I played this in the original doom (with no looking up/down) this would be a bitch at times to cope with. Literally 90% of the guns are up an elevator or stairs.

      For bugs, there is one switch that does nothing. It doesn't activate... and maybe doesn't even have a trigger. Sort of useless (you can see it in my screenshot I think, the one with the smiley >:), it's the one on the right and I assume is supposed to act like a trick?).

      For pet peeves, the picture of the Asian girl is just annoying. Obviously the author has some fetish for Japanese women, and she doesn't even look that good. You know, I came here to play Doom, not look at anime porn (well, it isn't even porn because he forgot to get pictures *without* her clothes on). You're probably too busy running around the level trying to blast your friend to pieces before you even notice her. I'm sure the main point of this wad was not really aimed to make a good deathmatch map, but rather appear to horny guys who like Asians to enjoy the picture he took. This is *NOT* the way maps should be done. They should be designed with the doomer in mind, not to show off your stupid fetish. You can tell from the .txt file all the author cared about was putting this picture in there, because the room with the picture is the best done (and even that is not that good anyways). To top it off, he put the plasma gun in that room. Obviously everyone is going to go to that room, because the plasma gun will demolish everyone (or rail gun for Skulltag, still powerful nonetheless). You have no idea how the amount of attention whoring drawn to this room is starting to piss me off. [Ed.: Wow, get a grip.]

      In conclusion, fun for a while... definitely would not hold up to the test of time. The fact the game is based around one room with the designer's pride and joy image that he whipped into the map in a matter of mere seconds puts me off, and the reason I blasted this especially is because the Doomer is not kept in mind, which annoys me. When I make a map... I want the person who is playing it to enjoy it. I'm sure you get the point by now. Not a totally bad map, just some irritating flaws.

      1: The room with the asian girl. This should save you from playing the level
      2: The entire map so you can see the size
      3: A room that I thought most resembled cancer...
      4: Example of elevator stuff with the bugged switch, and a nice smiley face.

    • La Ciudadela (The Citadel) - Ignacio Zuccari (aka El loco Chavez)
      Limit Removing - Solo Play - 122858 bytes -
      Reviewed by: prdarkfox
      It should be noted that this map is from 2002.

      The architects from The Industrial Zone (MAP15 of Doom II) must have had a sub-contract over here. I recognised a few of the buildings in this map and it didn't look as well as I hoped. At first I thought it was a BFG factory for a second, because aside for the Shotgun, the BFG was probably one of the more common weapon pick-ups in this one. ...This was probably a clue that you were going to need it from time to time.

      Plenty of monsters, not a whole lot of health (the occasional green sphere makes up for this deficiency), and ammo was surprisingly tight. Some of the monster fights did get ugly at first, as I found myself pistol sniping in the beginning, while weaving through long range mancubus fireballs, all before I leaped off of the beginning pedestal. The map got easier from there, despite ammo becoming a small problem and making it all the more interesting.

      For the simple detailing La Ciudadela had, and the old-school design mechanics, it was still a pretty solid—if uninspired—map to run around in.

    • Anguish - Doria Biddle
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 154767 bytes -
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      This is a 4-map set for Doom 2. The maps are not that great .. boxy, 90 degree angle map layout, low detail, misaligned textures, and several spots with doors that have the same texture as walls, but aren't secrets - you are required to find them continue through the level.

      Level 1 is honestly a mystery to me. I actually opened the damn thing up in a level editor to try and figure out what the hell the author intended you to do, and I still couldn't figure it out. Sorry.

      Level 2 is a bit better, but that's not saying much. There were several spots where I was completely baffled and confused as to what to do next. At least I didn't have to break out the map editor for this one.

      Level 3 starts to get a little tough. It's a large outdoor courtyard with a few areas branching off of it. It also has a few nasty traps and some cheap tricks ... (Chaingunners behind pass-through walls are evil!). Sadly, this is probably the best map in the set.

      Level 4 is a pretty boring looking ash-black cave. Even though it's supposed to be a cave, it's laid out like a building. (Just look at the minimap). Has even more mandatory doors disguised as walls. For a finishing map, it's pretty lackluster. Got a little confused here, but mostly because everything looked pretty much the same ...

      Overall, this is a below average mapset that is at times confusing and frustrating. It has a few good ideas but they're hard to find or really notice. The small bits of goodness aren't really worth digging through to get to. Pass unless you're desperate for new maps to play.

    • Xenus revisited - Alter
      Boom Compatible - Solo Play - 1930794 bytes -
      Reviewed by: prdarkfox
      I'm not sure if I remember playing a little bit of the original Xenus. However, I didn't remember it being like this.

      Xenus is a replacement of the first episode for the Ultimate Doom. The setting is typical of a Doom episode replacement: Nice UAC base slowly but surely taken over by the hordes of Hell, and near the end you're taken to a epic final battle.

      It doesn't do a lot of new things, but in my opinion it did everything it did do nicely. Adequate detail around, in fact lots of various locale all around, with plenty of fights to keep your shotgun smoking.

      I did feel there was just a bit too much health and ammo for single player, however it didn't stop the action from being any less exciting. The last couple levels did seem to taper off a bit, until the favored weapon of choice was changed for a great chunk of the final map. Come on, everyone wants to use the chaingun when given the chance. :D

      I liked it all the way through, not a lot to complain about except for one bug with monster traps on (I believe?) the latter part of E1M3. All in all, a worthy download.

    • 2-KeWL - Red Dragon / Moon Blade (aka: Anthony Symons)
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 33304 bytes
      Reviewed by: JacKThERiPPeR
      I played it. A kind of 1994-esque corridors with zombies and a bit of demons (no imps or other monsters), barrels and a final zone with trees. This may get you to go into "wtf?". Nothing interesting, if you want to play it, bore yourself.

    • 3-pits Death Match Plus - Tom Sanner
      doom2.exe - Deathmatch - 34952 bytes -
      Reviewed by: JacKThERiPPeR
      I'll tell you in three words: BLAND, CRAP, HORRIBLE. That's all I can tell about a pseudo-deathmatch map with monsters, no texture aligning and a 1994 look. I didn't feel like it was for DeathMatch though. But, for the love of our dear gods of Valhalla, don't waste your time in this.

      Note: It's funny how the author credits "Mom & Dad for having him".

    • One Park Avenue DOOM II Level - Steve Baldwin
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 85049 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Wills
      When you start you're behind a desk with dirt textures as the sides and blue carpet as the top; yes, it's one of those 1995 levels that tries to recreate a real-life area into Doom and uses bizarre texture choices in the process. But looks can be quite deceiving. The level starts fast and doesn't let up for a while - the main order of business here is to clear out most of the monsters so you can find the keys without worrying about a chaingunner sneaking up from behind and letting you have it.

      And the monsters here are everywhere. Zombies, shotgun guys, imps, and chaingunners (with a few Barons of Hell and Archviles thrown in to make things interesting) are all packed into hallways, cubicles, and side rooms and seem to come from all directions. Ammo and health, which tend to be tucked into small out-of-the-way niches and crannies, are quite generous. You're likely to be killed if you try to go Rambo here, so you need to think before you start firing.

      For a 1995 level this is quite fun, and a challenge too. Recommended.

    • Kill the Pain - Jekyll Grim Payne aka zer0
      GZDoom - Solo Play - 4106930 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Trasher][
      This is a weapons mod for GZDoom that attempts to bring the spirit of Painkiller into Doom. And when you consider the massive technology gap between the two games, it manages to do pretty well! There's fewer weapons than in the original Doom, but they all have alternate fire modes that basically make each weapon a two-in-one deal (for example, the combination stake crossbow/grenade launcher). This is combined with some nice new gore effects, like Revenants getting decapitated and boss monsters bursting into gibs. You'll be seeing a lot of these, as practically every weapon has some method of splattering things into gore.

      Graphically, the new weapons are straight model rips from Painkiller. They look all right, but are aligned a little too high, so they appear to be aiming much higher than the actual crosshair. The other new items and pickups are for the most part also straight model rips, except for the souls and gibs, which are Doom edits. There are some cool visual effects, though, like the particles on rocket explosions.

      One nice feature is the Soul system - enemies drop little glowing particle effects called Souls when they die. When you pick enough up, you temporarily become an invulnerable, all-devouring superbeast that can splatter Cyberdemons in three shots of your special fuck-you blast. Is it fair, or balanced against normal gameplay? Probably not, as you can easily slaughter half a level with this if you're quick. Is it fun as hell? Damn straight.

      While a number of Painkiller's finest touches (like pinning enemies to walls with a well-aimed stake) are unfortunately absent from this mod for obvious technical reasons, this is definitely worth a download.

    Like what you are seeing? Want to get in on the reviewing action? Visit the /newstuff review center and start writing reviews today! You need a Doomworld forums account to participate.

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    Bloodshedder said:

    Did I mention that posts that only say "FP" will be deleted?

    Do people still do that?

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    It didn't only say FP. It clearly stated that I had something to say. I just didn't know what it was yet.

    And now I do.

    You mention in your intro that the wads have been getting less attention than the reviews lately. I'm going to blame that on the fact that there just haven't been many remarkable wads lately. These reviews mostly all say the same thing: the wad is good, but not great, and playing the wads always confirms this. There's no stunning new work to discuss. However, the reviews are still novel, so at least we can entertain ourselves by talking about who was hot and who was not this week.

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    Heh, you just kind of exemplified your title. Bloodshedder's just suggesting we talk more about the WADs and less about reviewing without looking for an explanation.

    Personally I tend to post more comments on the database than here, as those stick to the WAD download page, while comments here aren't linked so directly. It's also kind of fun to rate the WADs.

    Yet Another UAC Base at least seems promising...

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    myk said:

    Heh, you just kind of exemplified your title.

    Now that it's there it's difficult for me to not exemplify it. I mean, it gives me a rule to post by.

    I'll learn to ignore it yet, don't worry.

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    caco_killer said:

    Hey, where's Remiel this time? I liked his reviews.

    He's only posted once since returning from the losers forum - I fear the bees have found him.

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    caco_killer said:

    Hey, where's Remiel this time? I liked his reviews.

    I didn't find anything interesting enough to snatch up for review this week. Not much I could do about that.

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    Yet more stupid wad title shenanigans... Is that what people want to see or something?


    Wills' second review actually made me want to play something. Painkiller mod sounds interesting too.

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    jacktheripper should never review for idgames/ again, especially since his obsession is his new idol : the (very timeline) angry video game nerd.

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    leileilol said:

    jacktheripper should never review for idgames/ again, especially since his obsession is his new idol : the (very timeline) angry video game nerd.

    Jack mightn't have got around to reading the text files.

    !MH_1.WAD - The author was 32 in 1995 - the 1901 start date is obviously a joke. Every weapon is present in the map BUT they're not handed to you on a plate, putting the berserk pack to good use at the start is the key to this map. Having a Boss Brain in the starting room is unusual - I gave him a blast with the shotgun whenever I passed through.

    2KEWL.WAD - Intended for deathmatch and a `94 map so you'd expect it to look "1994-esque".

    3PITSDM.WAD - Monsters are optional in deathmatch and some textures are mis-aligned for a purpose.

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    Death-Destiny agrees with leileilol:
    jacktheripper should never review for idgames/ again, especially since his obsession is his new idol : the (very timeline) angry video game nerd.

    I'm disappointed to see that Remiel is no longer participating. I thought the last /newstuff was a sign that we'd be getting some quality reviews from him. Oh well... =(

    [Edit]Oh, and just a thought I had about Hell's Abattoir, I believe that map was intended to be a tyson map. While there's enough ammo to do it with or without the Berserker, I noticed the map is much more interesting and fun, IMO, if you tyson it.[/Edit]

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    Lizardcommando said:

    I'm curious, whatever happened to the second screenshot I had for my review? Was it too pointless or something?

    I ate it. Yum.

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    leileilol said:

    jacktheripper should never review for idgames/ again, especially since his obsession is his new idol : the (very timeline) angry video game nerd.

    I can almost see him calming his frustration with Rolling Rock.

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    deathz0r said:

    Wow, you guys put too much effort into reviewing WADs

    Hehe, im sure they even review DM wads without Player 1 Starts! That is really hard work.... :D

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    shinobi.cl said:

    Hehe, im sure they even review DM wads without Player 1 Starts! That is really hard work.... :D

    See, this guy knows what I'm talking about, I shouldn't need to waste my time setting up a server/playing in a source port that isn't what the author mentioned just to check out a map

    (and yes, I know exactly what you're referring to)

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    kristus said:

    /me misses deathz0r's reviews.

    Yes, me too... in fact, i would like to have a wad reviewed by him... But for my wad the review its done already.

    Nothing against Ed, I looked at his work and he is a good mapper, so i'm sure is a good review (in the sense that its well done and with good arguments)

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    Lizardcommando said:

    I'm curious, whatever happened to the second screenshot I had for my review? Was it too pointless or something?

    One of imageshack's servers was not responding when I compiled the reviews. Two screenshots in all were not included.

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    Ah ok. It wasn't even a good screenshot anyways. It just shows the last map in "Qrumpi Old Men" featuring 10,000 imps and some cyberdemons standing right next to the platform you start on.

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