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    The /newstuff Chronicles #346


    • skin del juego challenger (juego de NES no lo sabias) - LUISDooMER
      Multiplayer - n/a - 110416 bytes
      Reviewed by: Wills
      Oh good god, another skin by Luis? I though "skin roll" was just a one-time for this trooper, yet he's filled up /newstuff with numerous unintelligible wads with surprise contents (what's the skin? you sure won't be able to tell by reading the text file!). This one's an eeny weeny teeny green man, who unlike Skin Roll can move forwards, backwards, and sideways but (at least according to Luis) not in a combination of the three. Use if you like playing as little green men, I guess.

    • skin NES BOMBERMAN y bomber-coin (un enemigo si no lo sabias) - LUISDooMER
      Multiplayer - n/a - 164345 bytes
      Reviewed by: Wills
      Another eeny weeny teeny skin from Luis "Skin Roll" Doomer. It's the NES version of Bomberman and a green coin. Uh, the end?

    • skin rugal (KOF 2002) - LUISDooMER
      Multiplayer - n/a - 266730 bytes -
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      This is a skin for ZDoom/Skulltag. It's a character from King of Fighters 2002, Rugal. It's a mystery why you would try and put a fighting game sprite into an FPS, as you won't have nearly enough frames to make them look like they're walking forward/backward and attacking in all directions. This suffers from exactly that, unfortunately. Also, for some bizarre reason, the character's skin color is green. It's more of a novelty/gimmick skin, something you would probably not use more than once for laughs.

    • skin another kula (KOF 2002) - LUISDooMER
      Multiplayer - n/a - 870250 bytes
      Reviewed by: Wills
      Another junk skin from Luis, this time of a green-haired girl with animations for only one direction. This one seems to include sounds, which in XWE are played hilariously slowly but are disappointingly correctly-pitched in the game. Ah well.

    • skins solomons key y fire-n-ice (A.K.A solomons key 2) - LUISDooMER
      Multiplayer - n/a - 1051341 bytes
      Reviewed by: Wills
      Just read the review for "skin del juego challenger (juego de NES no lo sabias)". It's the same thing, basically, another obscenely tiny sprite scaled up as a skin with only a few directions.

    • skin athena (KOF 2002-2003) - LUISDooMER
      Multiplayer - n/a - 1402861 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Lizardcommando
      This is another skin from LUISDooMER. This is a skin of Athena from the King of Fighters games. The skin's poorly animated and assembled. It doesn't have full rotation sprites. Why bother even porting these kinds of sprites into Doom if you aren't even going to bother making sprites for the other frames? It seems pretty lazy if you ask me.

      It's not worth checking out. Skip it.

    • Doom: The Lost Episode - Various
      ZDoom or Eternity - Solo Play - 2466964 bytes
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      This is an update to a mapset that was previously reviewed here on /newstuff. There isn't much info on what's been changed or updated. There were some fixes to make it run better using Eternity engine. Everything else seems pretty much the same.

      You can read my previous review of Doom: The Lost Episode here.

    • UAC Experiment - Hellbent (Jason Root)
      doom.exe - Solo Play - 136147 bytes -
      NOTE: Apparently this WAD was already uploaded to the archives in 2000 and reviewed in T/nC #42. Someone re-uploaded it for an unknown reason. So uh, enjoy the re-review anyway, I guess.
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      A map for Doom, on E1M4. It's a classic Doom style map. It pulls this off pretty well, feeling like an expanded classic map, with a lot of monsters. The layout is large and non-linear. Ammo is pretty tight at first; you can end up running out if you take the wrong path. The map has 25 secrets in total, so you might want to get to hunting down those secrets. Fans of classic Doom will definitely want to check this one out. Recommended.

    • Shadow Corridor - Henri Lehto
      ZDoom Compatible - Solo Play - 285631 bytes -
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      A ZDoom map for Doom 2. Detail and layout are pretty good. The map is not that hard, at least until the end room of the map, which has 2 spider demons and a cybie on a platform, without much to hide behind, and what is there to hide behind is flanked by imps in a window that are hard to see, plus some other monsters hanging around. The difficulty jump is pretty jarring and caught me off guard, and I died. It would take some luck to complete that room, even if you knew what you were up against. So you'll probably enjoy the map up to that point.

    • Toxic Darkness - Henri Lehto
      GZDoom - Solo Play - 307861 bytes -
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      A map for Doom 2, using GZDoom. This map makes heavy use of GZDoom features, including 3D bridges, so don't even bother trying to run it in regular ZDoom. Anyway, the layout is quite good, with 3D bridges and slopes used to good effect. The difficulty isn't too high but gets a little tougher towards the end. However, the most dangerous enemy in this map is that which you would least expect. That's right, the polyobject doors do damage when they close on you, and can take you from 100-0 in about a second. They can also squish monsters, if you're lucky enough to get one caught in it. Recommended, just watch out for those killer doors.

    • Mos - Lareman
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 825557 bytes
      Reviewed by: Super Jamie
      A collection of 5 very difficult maps. Health is tight, and ammo is so scarce you'll probably find yourself resorting to plain fists at least a couple of times.

      The levels increase in size and complexity as you go. MAP01 should be easy, MAP02 is a good challenge, I found MAP03 insanely hard, MAP04 an easy walk-through until you reach 3 archviles at once with no cover, and MAP05 is a close-quarters Cyberdemon puzzle.

      Detailing is simpler than Romero's E1 style, though MAP04 shows potential in a few areas. Whilst the layout of some parts is clever, how you fare seems to be based on prior knowledge of the level and how the pseudorandom number generator gives you damage, rather than the skill level of the player.

      Considering this is Lareman's first release, it's not too bad an effort, but not the best either. A bit more ammo and gameplay balance would make the levels more fun to play. Check it out and offer some constructive criticism on /idgames.

    • Abyssus - Mr. Chris
      Limit Removing - Solo Play - 93295 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Super Jamie
      The sequel to Mr Chris' Stoned and Iconic levels, this is a classic-style E2M3 techbase.

      This map ramps the difficulty up over its predecessors, health is tight and attack often comes from multiple directions at once, so be careful. The secrets can really swing the balance in your favor so they're worth seeking out; most are well placed, though a couple are not that obvious without humping every wall and console in sight.

      Abyssus is a great enjoyable map done in Mr. Chris' distinctive style. Gameplay is progressive and includes a few nasty tricks, it's a fun challenge on the more difficult side, but not impossible. My only complaint was the upstairs switch in the central hub was difficult to find in the dark--you can see it on the right in screenshot 4.

      This whole little series is definitely worth checking out.

    • El Limbo de JacKThERiPPeR (map for spanish DooM map tourney) - JacKThERiPPeR
      Limit Removing - Solo Play - 115780 bytes
      Reviewed by: Craigs
      In all honesty, I wasn't expecting too much when I first opened up this wad. JTR's earned a pretty bad reputation on ZDoom.org for bragging about having sex with a shemale, dry humping his friends, and some other bizarre behaviors. In all honesty though, this wad is actually rather fun despite the rather dull and uninspired architecture and a few gameplay issues.

      While playing through this map, I couldn't help but wonder what the hell was going through Juan's head when he was making it. It's obvious what the map is supposed to be, but there's no real constant style. It feels like a mix and match of various rooms with different themes smashed together. You've got a big throne room along with what looks like some kind of strip club, and several large brick rooms. The architecture is rather dull. Everything is extremely boxy and there are a lot of things that just seem really out of place. As far as detail goes, only a few rooms have really been decorated. Everything else just seems to have a few supports thrown in, a couple of lights, and sometimes a couple of elevated sectors.

      Normally this wad would be extremely easy. There's plenty of health lying around, and for the most part you've got plenty of space to maneuver. There's just one thing that makes it difficult, and that's a lack of ammo. If it weren't for a conveniently placed berserk pack, I would have been dead. The ammo situation is a little better on ITYTD but that's about it.

      Overall, this isn't a bad wad but it's not exactly a memorable one either. Give it a go, and chances are you might find it a bit amusing and it will probably help pass the time as well. I can't really guarantee you'll be playing it time and time again though.

    • GET OFF MY LAND 2: The Unofficial Sequel - Wills
      Skulltag - Deathmatch - 166874 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Craigs
      Here's yet another wad by Wills and this time it's a deathmatch wad. It's an unofficial sequel to an old 1995 wad made by Richard Wilkins. Instead of going for the usual run and gun style gameplay, Wills decided to try to go for something a bit more tactical.

      As far as detail and architecture goes, it's nothing special. It consists of several ugly, shit brown buildings scattered around a shit brown landscape surrounded by a barbed wire fence. The most colorful things you'll find outside are three silos with a reflection rune sitting between them. Everything just feels square and boxy. There are no real curves in the map at all.

      As far as gameplay goes though, it really isn't half bad. It really does feel like there's a tactical twist to it. There are a few shotguns scattered around the map along with a rocket launcher sitting in a shed in the middle of the map. Chances are you're rarely even going to touch the rocket launcher though. The shotguns are insanely overpowered. You don't even need to land a direct hit to kill someone with it. It's got an extremely tight spread and all it takes to kill someone from a distance are two shots. Close up, one shot is a guaranteed kill, no matter what. Although this helps contribute to the tactical gameplay by encouraging players to take advantage of cover as opposed to running around in the open blasting away at anything that moves, it makes the rocket launcher seem almost useless.

      Despite the flaws I mentioned, this wad is still pretty fun and is definitely worth checking out. It's nothing really special but it'll probably keep you entertained for a bit.

    • HAL9000-Q - [SUR]Quake
      ZDaemon - Deathmatch - 543885 bytes -
      Reviewed by: JohnnyRancid
      This is a ZDaemon wad made for DM. It's got 20 maps, and for some reason the last one has monsters. When I was introduced to this wad by the first map, it seemed like this was going to be fun. It's got a weird clash of different textures, but it looks okay in a unique sense. There's a lot of windows and flights of stairs and elevators and other cool stuff. But then I went to MAP02 and the map quality quickly plummeted in value. The second map was a giant circle shaped room with smaller circle shaped circles in the center, with SHAWN2 as the walls and blue carpet. That's it. And then there was MAP03, which was about 3200x3200 in size, and featured a total of 7 sectors. And another that resembled a local fast food restaurant.

      While the wad definitely has a share of bad maps, there's some gold in here too. Or silver really. Some maps had some pretty cool winding hallways and big fighting rooms. My only complaint about them is that almost all of them have a BFG somewhere in it, and the BFG is often dangerously easy to reach. Aside from that, there are several good maps amongst the several bad. Lucky for you readers, this wad is not average, but a mixed bag of good and bad.

    • High Resolution Textures w/o the High Resolution - Jon Vail
      n/a - n/a - 2074138 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Scet
      This WAD consists of various high-resolution textures and flats taken from the JDoom Texture Project, that have been resized and reformatted into normal Doom textures. Overall they tend to have a cleaner and sharper appearance, probably because even after reformatting they still contain more colors than the originals. However some do appear blurred or have the wrong shade/pattern (the E3M8 screenshot is a good example). If you're interested in giving the game a new look or are just looking for new textures, it might be worth downloading this.

    • Heretic Chiptunes - Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri
      OGG support - n/a - 33982010 bytes
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      Heretic's music played through a program called GXSCC. The files are all OGG format and are pretty big. They sound somewhat chiptune-ish, but not entirely. IMO it would have been better to convert the MIDIs to MODs and then replace the samples with chiptune stuff. But this isn't that bad.

    • TIME WARP 2B 1.0 - Joe Anderson
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 47373 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Edward850
      I'm not exactly sure as to why this is called Time Warp, or why I played it for that matter. I'm also unsure who TOT comics are, or why they make Doom wads of this quality (probably matching their comics mind you).

      You can probably guess that I'm very disappointed with this wad. Its very piss-poor in quality, has very little challenge, and most of the level detail makes very little sense. An exit has to be an exit, not some randomly textured wall (even though everything else is randomly textured).

      Because I didn't want to play though all of it, I jumped to MAP11. It appears to be incomplete, so whats the point of it being there?

      Don't even bother with this wad. It's all pointless.

    • Play When Bored 2 - Jon Vail
      Boom Compatible - Solo Play - 76017 bytes -
      Reviewed by: udderdude
      A short techbase map for Doom 2. It's basically one long, snaking hallway with some doors and monster traps breaking things up. It was apparently created in one hour. This one really lives up to its name. Play it if you're bored.

    • TIME WARP 3 - Joe Anderson
      doom2.exe - Solo Play - 55617 bytes -
      Reviewed by: Scet
      What do you get when you cram 21 maps into a 54KB WAD? The answer is a lot of incredibly short crappy maps. How short is it? Well some of the maps consist of only a few (1-5) monsters. It took me all of ten minutes to play through this crapfest.

      Being too short isn't this WAD's only problem though. See, Mr. Anderson from TOT COMICS seems to enjoy making maps without actually knowing how to make maps. There are texture misalignments galore; you actually start out on MAP01 looking at three misaligned textures. Texture and monster choices are also terrible, nothing like some Nazi themes in with Doom. Architecture is awful, nothing but flat square rooms and hallways. The only real height variation is the occasional set of stairs. There are also no doors, lights, platforms, triggers, switches or other specials of any kind. Even the exit switches aren't switches, they're just some random texture (usually lava) that acts as the exit switch (see screenshots). There's probably something I missed, but it's taking me longer to write this then it did to play all 20 maps.

      Mr. Anderson needs to learn that quality is better than quantity. Really, I would expect someone to know how to make a door before they release their first map, and this is the third part of a series.

    Like what you are seeing? Want to get in on the reviewing action? Visit the /newstuff review center and start writing reviews today! You need a Doomworld forums account to participate.

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    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    arrrgh said:

    TIME WARP is just another quality addition to TOT COMICS'S quality lineup of games!

    Holy shit, the whole site looks like a parody of a terrible site.

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    udderdude said:

    This is an update to a mapset that was previously reviewed here on /newstuff. There isn't much info on what's been changed or updated. There were some fixes to make it run better using Eternity engine. Everything else seems pretty much the same.

    You can read my previous review of Doom: The Lost Episode here.

    To be perfectly precise, the only changes are:
    1. A fix to an error in the EMAPINFO lump
    2. An update to the text file to reflect that fix

    Everything else is bit-for-bit identical.

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    Awesome, another good review of my last completed map! I do hope I can get Centrum done by next week if I concentrate on it..

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    Bloodshedder (Craigs) said:

    JTR's earned a pretty bad reputation on ZDoom.org for bragging about having sex with a shemale, dry humping his friends, and some other bizarre behaviors.

    In what way does that suggest shitful map making?

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    It hasn't been reviewd yet.

    Edward850 said:(in his review of TIME WARP 2B 1.0)
    Because I didn't want to play though all of it, I jumped to MAP11. It appears to be incomplete, so whats the point of it being there?

    Extract from the text file for ADVANCED TIME WARP 2 (which really should have been included in the upload to the archives) - "In time warp 2 it is a matter of months after the events of DOOM II and the UAC is rebuilding it's swamp bases. In the process of rebuilding one marine carelessly falls into a portal, and like the other marine is thrown into the midst of WW2.
    You notice your not the only one to make this mistake, The german front is littered with the corpses of fallen UAC marines and even Demons. Luckaly there is also a wealth of lost UAC weapons here to. With the weapons of the future at your disposal you now must fight to win WW2 and return home.

    I think Map11 is meant to be Doomguy's home.

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    TheeXile said:

    Make one.

    I'm retired. One of these days I might get around to it, but for now I've got too much stuff in life to take care of right now.

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    Bloodskull said:

    Where the fuck are all the good maps at?!

    Play When Bored 2

    Blackfish said:

    The hires texture pack resize thing was done years back.

    Has it? I was pretty sure someone had done it before, but I was unable to find it, so resized em myself.

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    In all honesty, I wasn't expecting too much when I first opened up this wad. JTR's earned a pretty bad reputation on ZDoom.org for bragging about having sex with a shemale, dry humping his friends, and some other bizarre behaviors.

    As annoying as he is, was there any damn need to mention this on the review?

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    Cutman said:

    As annoying as he is, was there any damn need to mention this on the review?

    I dunno, I thought it was pretty amusing.

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    Cutman said:
    As annoying as he is, was there any damn need to mention this on the review?

    I agree. Apart from it being an ad hominem device, this is read from the front page and there's no need to make crap zdoom.org posting news here (we have enough as it is).

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    Bloodskull said:

    Where the fuck are all the good maps at?!

    I played, and enjoyed, two brand new wads today; the first one is an entire episode. You might just want to check them out, so here they are:

    Styx - http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=15756
    Tangent Synapse - http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=15754

    And of course, I'd recommend you play the recent Claustrophobia 1024 if you haven't already; it looks like a pretty good bunch of maps. But most of you have probably already heard of/checked out that one, I'd assume. It was getting plenty of attention on these forums, after all. :)

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    Krispavera said:

    I like the screenshot of udderdude punching an archvile in the face.

    Agreed. I lol'ed when i saw it.

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    Well this is just frickin' fantastic! A few days ago I was poking around on the archives downloading random levels from the early days. I then decided to do a search for wads I had uploaded (didn't realize I had uploaded so many). There was one particular wad I was interested in playing because I had barely any recollection of making it--the name didn't even really jar my memory: uacexp.wad. It was really fun playing through it because it was basically like playing the wad for the first time... I really remembered very little from it. Discovering the secrets was the best part, as was my intention when making it (the memory of the map slowly came back to me.) I did eventually find all the secrets, though. Took me an hour and 25 minutes to complete the map, not including time paused to look at the map and figure out where I needed to go next, which admittedly took some time.... Anyway, after playing the map I was gonna make a post on the forums aksing if anyone ever downloaded wads they uploaded ages ago (in my case, 9 years ago!) and replayed them.. and what that was like to replay their old wads.... Today I was looking for a review of the wad and finally found it after some searching of the archives... and then just now I see my wad featured and I'm like... what the??? very random... what are the odds?? Some crazy coincidence right there! If I had just waited till the end of the day the link to the review I was searching for would have been linked for me! Pretty cool. I was actually gonna make a few fixes to the wad and reupload it... there is a switch I believe that doesn't do anything and is inaccessible.

    You may want to download lost refinery.wad and play the two back to back (lost refinery replaces e1m3 and uacexp.wad replaces e1m4).

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    Hey Bloodshedder, I've noticed 20 reviews are ready. Do you plan on postin a /newstuff this week? Just wondering, wanted to let you know, not to mention one of them is by me (the one for Styx).

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