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    The /newstuff Chronicles #38


    Another week coming to a close, brings us twelve new ZIP files, to satisfy your DOOM-related tastes, in our weekly presentation of the new things found in Newstuff.

    • Doom: River Of Lost Souls by Various Authors - Six levels for Doom 2, all of them small to small-medium size. Not much detail at all. A bunch of textures thrown together, with lots of misalignments. The maps are easy, and it should be little trouble getting through all six in skill 4. The best way to describe the maps would be very much similar to the higher-quality SLIGE-generated maps. And that's pretty much it.
    • Doomed For The Last Time by Cory Whittle - One map for Doom 2, and a rather large one at that. Inspired by a Duke Nukem 3D level, this map takes on a metallic UAC-base style. The gameplay starts out seeming like easy picking at first, but takes a nasty turn if you aren't careful. It has its misalignments and the occasional overly-simple room, but this map does have some quality. Some graphics from Duke Nukem 3D are used.
    • Nova by Harry - Another single map for Doom 2. This one is medium sized, and it brings with it a relatively tough fight.With monsters of small to medium shapes, it can be tough to get by, especially with the ammo provided. This map has its dark and light areas, lots of sprite decorations, and it's not all that spectacular in terms of detail and fanciness. However, it comes with a music replacement which while it may not exactly seem appropriate to the atmosphere, it's still a melodic tune. Requires ZDoom.
    • Two Fort Capture The Flag by Sgt Crispy - One deathmatch map for Doom 2. Not just your ordinary deathmatch map, however. This is a very interesting Capture The Flag map. There are two bases, the red and the blue. Each base with its own distinctive atmosphere. You can take a run through in single-player to see what it's like, or engage in the real thing using its special port. Requires DoomBot.
    • Evil Capture The Flag by Sgt Crispy - This ZIP file actually contains two new maps in two separate WAD files. Both maps again have two bases, the red and the blue. evlctf.wad has a consistent grey brick theme, while qdctf.wad is a much fancier map, although smaller, it has some new textures and lots of curves and details. qdctf.wad also has a music replacement by Marc Pullen. Overall, some nice work. Requires DoomBot.
    • Gunner DeathMatch 1, 2, 3 by Sgt Crispy (text) (text) - Three deathmatch maps for Doom 2. One in each WAD, running on Map01 to Map03 in the respective files. The first one is a dark, metallic base with many rooms, passageways, and sections. Number two is is an outdoor base, with a dark metal theme, and a "moat" of sorts around the center of the map. The third is probably the best of the bunch, with dark areas and bright areas, high and low areas, great detail and well-placed weapons. Each music replacement seems better than the last. Enhanced DOOM port recommended.
    • Jail DeathMatch 1 by Sgt Crispy - Another deathmatch map for Doom 2. This one takes place in a jail-like facility, most likely a jail. It has the design of your typical deathmatch level. Weapons placed in various places. Lots of rooms. And it's pretty clean and well-done. Enhanced DOOM port recommended.
    • Whirlwind Struggle by MazuQ - Yet another single deathmatch map for Doom 2, and this one is perhaps the most interesting of the bunch. This level has perhaps the most widely-implemented use of slopes we've seen in a map before. Lots and lots of great detail, coupled with some new textures, make a fine-looking deathmatch map. No single-player starts, however. You'll have to wander around in -deathmatch mode. Requires ZDoom.
    • 2001 A Deathmatch Odyssey by Paul Corfiatis - This week's deathmatch saga continues, this time with an 8-level WAD for Ultimate DOOM. Out of all the deathmatch goodies presented to us so far this week, this one is probably all-around the best of the bunch. Eight unique, entertaining maps with a refreshing variety to every one of them. From castles in the sky to dark blood and brimstone deep below, these are eight satisfying maps. They come with eight relatively good music replacements as well.

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