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    The /newstuff Chronicles #40


    We are presented with ten new WAD files to devour, in our weekly scoop of the newest things found in Newstuff.

    • The Anomaly: Part II by Varun Abhirama Krishna - One single map, for Ultimate DOOM, running on E4M6. Well, if you can trust text files, this should rank right near the top in the category of first-try maps. This map has a wood and green stone theme, much like most of Episode 4 of DOOM. It has tough battles, crushing ceilings, and a big boss to fight at the end of the map. Indeed, it looks like something right out of Thy Flesh Consumed. There is also a very appropriate music replacement.
    • ToRx by Rome - One single deathmatch map for Doom 2. It is much like your typical flashy deathmatch map. Outdoors, brown stones, some detail, switches, teleporters, weapons placed in their own special areas. Not very large. Yes, it's your typical deathmatch map.
    • Gloom Texture Set by Rick Clark - This is interesting. A texture pack which seems to fit its name. A lot of gloomy textures. A lot of green and brown. Many of these textures seem to be "new and improved" from DOOM and Doom 2 versions. A lot of UAC logos. Overall, these textures could be useful.
    • Evil's Playground by Pablo Dictter - Two maps for Ultimate DOOM, running on E3M1-M2. These maps are of quality, sporting somewhat of a Gothic theme. Green stone and red glowing rocks, and a little on the dark side. The maps are a bit on the difficult size, mostly because of the ammo supply, but also because of the situations where you find yourself surrounded. Still, two quality playable maps.
    • The Unknown by Pablo Dictter - One deathmatch level for Heretic this time, running on E1M1. It's rather small, with only a couple of weapons, in one area. A few bonus items are thrown in, but the map itself is pretty much two-dimensional. The decor of the map is good, however.
    • The Chemical Base by Pablo Dictter - One map for Doom 2, and a pretty one at that. This map finds a way to look great without employing excessive detail. It has a sewer theme, with lots of green bricks, and storage crates. The playability is a different matter, however. Surviving can be quite a challenge, simply because of the lack of weapons and ammo, not to mention the health scarcity. Still, a pretty nice map overall.
    • Heart Of Fire by Pablo Dictter - The quality continues this week! One map for Heretic this time, a single-player map, running on E1M1. This map is quite large, and challenging as well. There is just enough ammunition to get by, and keeping your life meter at a comfortable rate is probably the most difficult thing to do. There is lots of detail in this lava-cave style map, and the music replacement seems quite appropriate. Enhanced Heretic port required.
    • An Infernal Place by Pablo Dictter - One map for Doom 2, this one somewhat smaller than the maps released previously this week. It has a grey metal and brick computer-base theme to it, with some crates thrown in for good luck. Monsters from small to medium-large size. Ammo supply seems a little tight, though. It could be a challenge to make your way through without the IDFA cheat code. Still, some nice detail, a good-looking map, and some sounds and music borrowed from Hexen.
    • Warehouse DM by Pablo Dictter - One deathmatch map for Doom 2 this time, primarily designed for two players. It has hallways full of crates, weapons placed in their own special areas, and a couple of secrets thrown in as well. It's not a very large map at all, but it has some nice detail in it. It has a decent music replacement as well.
    • Warehouse by Pablo Dictter - A single-player level for Ultimate DOOM this time. This map is definitely for the light-hearted players. Less monsters and less ammo, a refreshing change for many. Fight demons with your fists, dodge around pillars as you battle the Baron with your shotgun, a map that keeps you fighting but doesn't overwhelm you. It's not all that large of a map. As usual though, it has a nice atmosphere with good detail.

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