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    The /newstuff Chronicles #5


    The latest batch of DOOM-related WAD files found on CDROM.COM.

    • Lottadm by Thomas Bringle - Just another Map01 replacement this time. Again, basic level design. No real eye candy. The ammo and health balance of this level is very good, especially on skill 4. If you find yourself with 1% health and shotgunners all around (like I did), this one can be a real thriller to survive (which I did). It should be quite enjoyable.
    • The Dark Portal by 3D Delta Developers - This 5-level hub for Hexen shows some real quality. What more of an exciting way to lead off an adventure than battling several Dark Bishops with only a close-range weapon? This WAD also comes equipped with some quality new music. If you're into Hexen, these levels will be fun.
    • Kingpin Soundpack by chrisdrgn@hotmail.com - The title says most of it; a two-megabyte sound WAD for Doom 2. Nearly all of the sounds have been replaced in this sound pack. The quality is good, at 22KHz. Even if you aren't familiar with these sounds, playing with this WAD loaded should still be fun.
    • The Lair by Mike Cobb - This green-stone-castle-themed Doom 2 level can be accurately described by its two highlights; ridiculously large, ridiculously difficult. As well as being pumped up with huge monsters, this WAD includes some sprites from Wolfenstien 3D, as well as an unfitting grunge/rock music track to go with its enormous level.
    • Jantom by Thomas Bringle - Yet another basic Map01 WAD. Nice, simple level design. Even without any fancy new textures or special effects, these WADs are showing some definite atmosphere. The portions of health and ammunition in this level are a little more generous than previous ones. But still, a decent download.
    • The Lost Base by Rishabh Mittal - Another single Doom 2 map. While this level is marginally large, it does seem to have been rushed, which can be distracting. This map is equipped with many small and mid-sized monsters, and the ammo and health seems to be unbalanced. Textures are misaligned for no apparent reason. Very basic room shapes. Should it be downloaded? Decide for yourself.
    • Terrain by Rishabh Mittal - This Doom 2 map is pretty much like the last one. Only smaller, and with less puzzles. It's more or less a cakewalk in single-player mode. Pretty much pointless in cooperative play, and simply bad in deathmatch. That is all.
    • Goldeneye Doom2 TC by Derek Souers - The newest version of the Goldeneye Doom2 Total Conversion! This game looks quite impressive. Accurately emulating the levels of the Nintendo 64 version almost down to the very enemy! Even the music is realistic. Of course, this is the DOOM engine, so some corners had to be cut. But still, very interesting.
    • MaimTown by Simon Judd - Another single map for Doom 2. This one shows some quality. It has a few typical special effects. Bulletproof windows, sparkling/crackling lights, and other ZDoom goodness. The map design is pretty nice, and the background music it uses is okay. Requires ZDoom.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Finally someone says "finaaly some Hexen levels"!...I thought it was only me;one of my (few) disappointments of HeXenII was that it did not genereate a single quality singleplayer addon;
    Though I don't recognise the title "Dark Portal"...a wuick look at the readme says 1996,so don't get your hopes up.
    sigh...the days of Caldera,The Vaults,Chuxen,Centromere,& all those longforgotten truly superb Hexen freee addons are gone...makes me feel like a geezer!

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Why don't Doomworld have a Dictionary of all wads. People could send in links and Doomworld put a star rating next to them. Nothing fancy.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    That's the second Goldeneye mod I've seen. There's also one for HL, but it only covers multiplayer. Too bad this one doesn't have all the maps yet.

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