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    The People's Uprising


    Captain Mellow sent word that his "We The People" do-it-yourself DM map review page is now online. The We The People main page can be found here.

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    Brilliant. I was pissed off when newdoom dumped their review pages, this makes up for it.

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    Thanks! I would love to be using mysql rather than flat text files, though, but this is forcing me to learn more, & I certainly have a lot to learn.

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    Guest Busted Corpse


    this is cool.... ya gonna have a problem when the reviews start piling up though...

    if there could be an indication of the number of reviews for each wad, and maybe organisation by alphabet or score would be cool

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    Yeah, that is really needed, eh? I will start working on that (alpha sort, score sort, display # reviews/map) next. I have been squashing bugs the past few days.

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