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    The Plot Thickens


    Recently we received an e-mail from a woman claiming to be the mother of one Sergeant Glenn Flynn, who died along with 42 other space marines in the latest disaster to plague the troubled scientific laboratories being operated by the Union Aerospace Corporation on Deimos, one of the moons of Mars. After preliminary analysis, we\'ve verified its authenticity, and here we post some excerpts from the rather eye-opening plea.

    I think you are just trying to do your job okay over on Deimos. But how you managed the death of the 43 Marines (at least this is the \"official\" number) painfully dying outside of the closed security door is beyond anything acceptable!

    I know you think an old and caring mother [should] not be able to [obtain] such information, but let me tell you: WE know what is going on! And I know that my loved son died by the mismanagement on your base. And did the families of those honorable Marines receive any word of regret from anyone? No, you just try to play it down: \"Missing in Action\"! Pah! WE know what is going on! You risk lives of our own people by testing and installing unsafe components and machinery to do illegal experiments.

    And what is this about that Flynn?

    You honestly believe that he is not clean? Then why you hired him? I tell him: Because he is the best, as he showed on Phobos.

    We will keep you posted on further developments as we receive information. For now, keep your attention on www.deimoslab.com... this is just starting to get interesting.

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    Guest Kinoshkana


    This is just starting to look like Julian's on crack.

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    Guest Grebes None


    Pfffft THEY do not care who dies, they even blame Me for the Cydonia attack

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    Guest UAC PR Dept.


    The magnetic activity on Deimos was metered and its polarity and wavelength tested. It was initially not expected to have any effect on electronic equipment. A slight reduction in optic network performance was the most that was projected. Projections indicated a 0% chance of life-support failures, such as door malfunction.

    We are still unable to locate the source of the magnetic activity. If we are able find it and to quantify its potential output we should be able to predict and prevent further incidents and possibly even shield our equipment.

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    Whoever wrote this seems to be trying to make it sound like some cranky old woman who doesn't speak English very well, because she's from the 'old country.' Of course, they neglected to realize that this kind of person doesn't write exactly how they speak. I'm not sure I could have done a better job.

    I have a sinking suspicion that this is one of those retarded 'internet mysteries' that we're supposed to care about or unravel. If so, then PAH to id.

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    I hold Doomworld in high regard for bringing me the facts about happenings in the Doom community. You guys are a news site, bring me news.

    Anyone who would like to buy into this or follow it is welcome - and I don't mind it being posted here - but please be professional about what you "verify for authenticity" and such. Just tell it as it is.

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    Guest Archvile46


    Flynn died? I thought he was in charge of the portal room, not outside with the other 43 people. Why are they talking about diciplining him if he's dead?

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