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    The Ricster


    The Place of Ricrob has been updated with a bunch of unreleased, never-before-seen maps from Dario and Milo Casali, famed authors of The Plutonia Experiment. There's some DM maps, some SP maps, and the famed "Punisher 2" level. Good stuff.

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    Only Dario could crash Zdoom .. er wait Chrozo did too.. anyway, let's see some demos... and I forgot to include deusf.exe in the vault_fd archive so just stick that executable and the vault_fd files from casali.zip in your doom2.exe dir and run the batch file.. it appeneds the sprites to the wad and once you exit restores it to it's original state.. don't use with boom or zdoom because the coolest feature of the map is lost... archie ghosts.. you can have it run with MBF or SMMU but you must disable it in the options. mmm Dario pr0n

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