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    The Week In Doomage


    Okay, so I'm a little late in the week this week, but I still got it together before the week was over. Not to mention I didn't have time to get all my links and such together, but I'll get those up soon enough as well. Here is your window to Doom past:


    The first beta of FragMaker (the never finished level editor) was released, as well as a new version of SLIGE, and a /newstuff review of Chex Quest. Other updates include: A DMBot that actually shot from Nexus, and an interview with Doomworld's own Mordeth. We also hit our 100K hit and SLIGE moves in. Ricrob got an excluse release/review of Malcolm Sailor's Chordg. TeamTNT also gave away a copy of Final Doom to their 200K visitor. We were also witness to the release of Tom Mustaine from Ritual's final Doom level.


    The release of Doomserv Deathmatch I, from the Skulltag crew, and a ZDoom with some Cajun goodness added. The Parallel Team released their lost level from Frag Fest Initialized.


    We were greated with the release of v0.60 of csDoom, as well as some news from the now completed Cavern's of Darkness.


    A beta of Doom Soccer was released, along with an interview with JDoom creator Jaakko Keränen. We were also greated with a new and improved version of Wintex.

    Soon to come, next week's addition of The Week In Doomage.

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    umm.. Doom soccer?!?
    That was the big Doom news of 2001?
    I think not. maybe I am missing something...

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    Yeah, that is originality for ya.
    On the subject of sport, Eric Harris made a ice hockey arena dm level...

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