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    They're Everywhere!


    A little bit of news before bed again tonight... erm well this morning:

    Team Eternity has released the new revision of theoriginal Aliens TC for Ultimate DOOM. This versionincludes improved playability, all 11 originallevels restored to bugless perfection, andnumerous fixes and improvements to the DeHackEdpatch, including support for BEX-enabled sourceports.

    This version is unofficial and is not supported bythe original author Justin Fisher.

    You can download this new update here. Have fun, and enjoy. *sleep*

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    Heh. You sure needed that sleep, Covaro. This news is old (ask Mordeth).

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    Hmm I reckon a small picture of the skin would help. Also the site looks nasty in netscape navigator without truetype fonts installed.

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    It's certainly neater than Justin's by a mile, and animation's better (it's quite smooth). It's too pale though (should be black and stuff, not light gray) and the attack and death sequences are not convincing (all they do when attacking is open their mouths; arms should swing and body should sway or shift). The sounds are strange (Justin's might be a bit better, except maybe for that "chooing!" attack sound, I think). Maybe Giger has some spare time? :)

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