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    This Week In Doomage Part 2


    So here we go with try number two on the "This Week In Doomage" deal with years 98-01. And we're gonna try the only "major" events that happened during this week in Doom years gone by. So without further wasting of time:

    TeamTNT redesigned their webpage with the look they still have today, Bruce Lewis of WinDoom announced that over 1000 people bought Doom again just to play WinDoom, and Doomworld got 100,000 hits.

    We were treated with the first pictures of Hissy to surface on the internet, as well as the ACE Team mentioning of their TV appearance thanks to the Batman Doom project. And in slightly non-Doom related news, the Son of Generations project was announced after Generations was forced to shut down.

    2000 and 2001:
    2000 brought us the 3Dactionplanet Doom trivia contest that is still there to be taken. And 2001 gave us Doomcenter's tribute to Episode One and Aardappel releasing version 1.1 of WadC, his Doom level editor coder project.

    So there you go, short and sweet. Did you like all these good looks back at the world of Doom this week? E-mail me, your thoughts questions and concerns.

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    Pretty sweet! Good job Covaro! Much shorter, to the point and you cut out all the trivial news and cut down to the meat! Kudos!

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    Heh I took that quiz for the first time, "Your score was: 21." Hmmm, I think I guess well, but apparently that's a good score. Also, cool to see mention of Ep1 Week @ DC :) Hehe.

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    I think that the stuff you write here is really good. It helps us remember some of the old classical stuff and it helps the newbies to realise exactly how old or young certain doom phenomena are.

    But i think this is only the top of something that could be much grander. At first they are only short summaries of many interesting events. Some might want to know a bit more details. Also this is only a history of the Doom community seen through Doomworld's eyes.

    What could be really awesome was a community project to make a thorough History of the Doom community site. There are many sites that deal with the history of Doom, but these usually only deal with id Software and the official releases. The only real community history project I have seen is the Wadoscope's section on historical wads.

    Also, shortly before you dissapeared, you rambled about some kind of Doom storyline that got me really interested. What was that about? You dissapeared before I had the chance to ask you.

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    Linguica said:

    "Your score was: 26"


    Great. Now, how about a feature page so that Covaro could keep the Week In Doomage longer, since it was much better that way and Liam uses the topstory quite often?

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    I've taken it before but I can't remember my score at all and I'd rather not take it again for fear of being humiliated :) HISSY! Anyone still in touch with Carnevil?

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