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    Thrice Risen


    The Twice Risen homepage has been updated with the news that Michael Niggel has modeled the "M-141 Laser pistol," which is near completion. He's also attempted to model a hand, which turned out well. Finally, he's clarified what he means by helping out the team.

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    Guest Lt. Taggart


    When the hell are you gonna finish the project? There are way too many projects gone unfinished. I dont wanna see Twice Risen end up like Zombie DooM. Oh yea unoffical I am retarded.

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    Well, I think if my team would be a little more alive, we would be nearly done by now. I don't want the project to fall apart either, and I'm still holding things together. It looks like I just got a reliable music person, but the only other team member I've heard from in a while is Nick Baker... I just don't know where everyone else is. I'm still working on this stuff, I've been doing the weapons recently... but you need a team to do a TC, and right now it feels like all I have is a list of semi-interested people.

    I don't do 1st post.

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    Guest Lt. Taggart


    Fuck Ling I aint the retard!! By the way release Hissy you retard you!! Hissy raping retard.

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