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    Time for Timelessness


    Hey, how about some classic Doom news? Timelessness, which is a single level for Doom in tribute to Fear Factory (if you don't know who they are, you probably shouldn't bother). It's a pretty nice map, but that's all I'll say since I'm sure Liam will review it up in the next /newstuff chronicles. You can of course grab it at the above link (or click here if you be a lazy whore). Thanks to the lagged MGON frads at Doom Center for that one.

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    Good map! It's nice to see some Doom1 maps creep up now and again. The map seemed to be heavily inspired by e1m7, which isn't a bad thing.

    Plus it's good to see that the map actually got released insted of being lost in a HD fart.

    Gimme more, dammit!

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    Yup good map, fun to play. Very E1M7 as said. I found the final switch a bit annoying. Guess I'll just have to train harder and run faster :-)

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    yes e1m7 was my "guide" if you will...

    And I'm glad I got the map done after all the problems I had with it!

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    And a goo guide at that. I remember E1M7 as being one of the most impressive maps in the SW set (IMO). You have captured a great deal of what was essential to that map, and put your own spin on it. It's certainly not a play once and forget map.

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