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    Time To Get Revalvicated


    Josef "Scragadelic" Griffiths released Revalvicate, his complete DOOM episode 1 music replacement. The music is in MOD-IT format, so ZDoom 1.23 or higher is recommended. The zip file can be downloaded from his site (put your mouse cursor here) or the idgames archive (direct link here). Any feedback is welcome.

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    I'd just like to say that , that revalvicates is so mad i play the mod songs on my mod player and its really really awsome,
    good job on ya scragy!.

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    About time Scrag! Very good.

    I just got done playing the whole episode 1 with it and yummy!
    (even though I already heard them all when he make them..) :)

    keep the MODs coming Scrag!

    /me gets an idea...

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    Well, I hope those of you who have tried it like it, and those of you who haven't, try it and tell me what you think.
    Bardcat and I were cogitating on IRC about making a Revalvicate II and III for episode 2 and 3, in where people could submit music and we could compile it and change it to Revalvicate's style. If I get enough feedback about Revalvicate we might just make them :)

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