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    Time To Role Play


    We're late on this one and it's a good one. Korax Mod is out... for the last time:

    The final version of the 3D accelerated RPG modification for Hexen, Korax Mod, has been released. It includes over 2.1 full Deathkings support, all new shop maps, new title and help screens, demos for each character class, and several bugfixes.

    What? You don't know what Korax Mod is?

    it's a Hexen gameplay mod with RPG elements like character generation, experience points for killed monsters, advancing in levels, collecting treasure, shops where you can spend your loot, all new spells like Summoning, Possession and Spirits Within, new weapons, Direct3D and OpenGL acceleration and select 3D models.

    Now the team is moving on to its next project: Scattered Evil, a full-featured action-RPG Hexen Total Conversion.

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    Is there any new playable level for that mod?
    I hope to see in Scatered Evil some new monsters.
    I allways liked the Serpent Riders story, I'd like to see a fourth Serpent Rider, or may be the father of them that should be amazing.

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    I think the release date for Scattered Evil, Autumn 2001, is optimistic to say the least!

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