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    Tool-Assisted Speedruns Closes


    Yonatan Donner has updated the TAS site with the news that due to lack of personal interest, he is closing down the Tool-Assisted Speedruns page, leaving what's on there for archival purposes only. Opulent, however, has agreed to take over the TAS demos, and has created a tool-assisted demo section to the Doom Speed Demo Archives.

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    tao has always been an excellent speedrun demos site besides competn. I really admire and appreciate about yonner's effort and his work all along. Tao always have the updated demos of Hell Revealed especially. Hmm, i wonder why Yonner lost his interest in it. Does he quit doom or something? btw, once more.

    Yonner: your hell revealed wad is the best solo megawad ever!

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    Fredrik: ever since Telefragged screwed their file system, many of the 3ddownloads pages don't work.
    If it persists, I will re-upload them to the DSDA... but I'd rather they were only accessible through the real TAS site.

    999Cop: please email me. unless clubwanker@aol.com really is your addy. :)

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    correction: tao, i meant tas :)

    Opulent: sure i will email sometime, clubwanker is a leftover screenname i got from chewy on aol, hehe=]

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