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    The Page won't work! Newdoom.com kicked my account, because they tell you 5 months ago, that you can leave off the advertisement and than, tell you, that you have to put it back! I asked them why and now, I'm out of business! Great! Does somebody know a good webhoster?! Where I can get ca. 50MB space and about 10MB filesizelimit?!?!
    Or could "Tormentor's Realm 667" be hosted @ Doomworld? :-D

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    I'm really sorry to hear that. To ask for hosting on DW, mail <a href="mailto:linguica@doomworld.com">Linguica</a>.

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    Great! "Perforated Entrails" is finished, and lies on my HD but I can't give it to you guys, because I don't have webspace! *d'oh* This really suckz!

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