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    Triple D Is Huge


    Opulent has had his password reset, and is now able to have us announce the opening of the Doom Deathmatch Demo Archive, under operation of himself and Mogul. There's only a few demos there right now, but of course, like any other demo site, they're hoping for contributions from users like you.

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    I should check this out sometime... watching deathmatch demos is something I really love to do(actually just demos in general :P ). If only I had someone to play vanilla with and record demos with... :(

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    This site hosts demos of any port. ZDaemon and doom2.exe demos are most common, but all are welcome.

    By the way -- speaking of the site growing, we've got roughly 80 demos at the moment just waiting to be put up for YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE.

    And of course, we're always accepting donations! :) Any demos you'd like to see at the archive, post or email a link link, or email them directly to me.

    Good day!

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    actually, we've got about 170 or so, but it's the doom2.exe demos I'm scared of...
    The password reset didn't have to be global news. :) ...but thanks for the news posting.
    btw, the DSDA and TAS sites are updated too for all those who can hold their breath for 8 months. =/
    Grazza, I missed your Gulch demo... catch it next time. sorry.

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