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    Twice Risen, csDoom Style


    The Twice Risen homepage has the news that a new "variant" of Twice Risen has been released! Entitled "csDoom server-friendly pre-release v0.21," it does just what it sounds like and allows people to play the Twice Risen pre-release over everyone favorite client/server Doom port, csDoom. Those who already have the v0.2 pre-release don't need to download anything, but servers will need some new files in order to run it. Go over there and get some Twice Risen DM action on, damnit!

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    I wan't anything BUT map07. 1-6 Map07 is a doom2 map bah. Had enough of those in DM now. I wanna twice risen dm

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    Well, the rest of the maps aren't the best Deathmatch grounds, but I'll set it up to cycle 1-6.

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    Okay, I set the server up to cycle maps 01-06. (It's not my server but I have a remote password). Have fun!

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    To get a DHE patch to work in csDoom, it can't be included in the WADfile. This first thing I did was extract it. Any standard DeHackEd patch will work with csDoom as long as it is loaded in the server with the -deh parameter. The server controls a lot of information, including most of the game's behavior which can be edited in DeHeckEd and item placement. A server can run a DeHackEd patch and the clients will see it in use, even if they didn't load it themselves! (The D5-1 OC-3 Server limits use of the BFG by maiking it use 200 ammo per shot, and clients need not load patches to play correctly.) It is for this reason also that a modified MAP07 is possible, If the server thinks items are in certain places, that's where they are.

    You could be sneaky and run a cheater's server with this information... or you could be like me and make it useful. :)

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    That's very interesting information about DEH patches in csDoom.



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