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    Twice Risen Half Released


    Michael Niggel, who had some problems dealing with his Doomworld ftp access, asked Ebola to upload the complete archive of his now abandoned project, Twice Risen. The Unholy Software site now hosts a simple zip file along with quite a huge explanation text. Mike talks about his love affair with DOOM, his first home-made wads and finally explains why he lacks time to work on the project and why he decided to release the resources as is.

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    If anyone's going to use any of this for their projects, I'd ask that they don't use my two levels, both of which are for some reason in the zip twice :)

    They are nbtr09.wad/nm_tr_09.wad and nbtr10.wad/nm_tr_10.wad

    10 is nearing completion (and it now looks a lot better than it does there ;) ), and is going to be released around the same time as a couple of other levels of mine.

    09 is going to be completely re-made from scratch, and used in Paradox.

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    Respect. I wish all project leaders who's out of luck/time/dedication/life/whatnot with their project would do this.

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    I guess some are maybe afraid they'll regret the decision should more time become available.

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    I think only one project ever have managed to get released after been put down 2 times.. Resurrection.

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