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    Type O Positive


    Bob Larkin has let us know that he has released his latest Wad, Bloodworks, to his Doom Wad Station. Hooray for more quotes:

    This is the BLOODWORKS! This is where the demons take their prey in order to drain their blood, chop them up and dispose of the remains. The odor is unbelievable. The stench of death permeates everything. You have to get out of this place but you will need to battle. The demons are not going to let you go easily. . . .

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    You learn well Grasshopper Bloodshedder, your thread breaking ways are no more in the way of your path. :P

    /me Downloads teh Bloodworks :D

    I just saw them screenies, my word, looks great :D

    Love that blood jazz in the third screenie :D

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    Played through bloodworks. Very nice. Lots of 3d floors/architecture and the gameplay's good as well. The music didn't quite fit the mood for me, but that's about the only noticebale flaw. That blood fountain texture really did make it look like it was a blood-harvesting place.

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    hopefully the response I've seen from people who've played already bodes well for me when the newstuff chronicles comes out on Sunday.
    I look forward to that with anticipation and dread all at the same time. Kinda the same way I do when I'm going into a particularly tough area of a doom2 map now that I think about it.

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