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    Ebola has updated the Unholy Software page with some thoughts about the extremely successful release of his Phobia map, and with a bit of a progress report on the Ni'mrod partial conversion project. He talks a bit about what will be in store for us as soon as an expected new version of Doom Legacy hits, including releasing a touched-up version of Phobia.

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    Dirty Rat. I posted second.

    Keep up the good work Ebola, you know we all love you, honest guv.

    You dont release many but when you do its all quality. Could you give me the link to Phobia again (I lost it) so I can add it to my Doom 3D site.

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    Sure: frad.slipgate.org

    Link is on first page.
    Legacy site also have a mirror and there's on on cd-rom.com.

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    Hurdler have been working hard with making Hardware Legacy come up to par with Software Legacy, and he's getting there.


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    Visual edeting features aren't all included in OpenGL legacy yet. SoM made alot and added Boom support. But Hurdler have been busy with other stuff. Mainly School. But Now he's been working hard on getting them included. Like transparent 3d floors and colored sector lightning, scrolling flats etc. He's taken care of most of it now anyway.

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