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    Unholy Doomworld


    Ebola has just completed the moving process and have set up the official Team Unholy homepage right here at Doomworld. Team Unholy's current project is a partial conversion for Doom 2 named Ni'mrod, which will specifically be for Doom Legacy.

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    This is neat man, really stellar! Now if this were for Heretic and Doom, we'd be all set...

    Damn I wish I had programming skills...

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    Just one question: did they fix the BFG in the newest version of Legacy? Because 1.27 or .28 I believe it did not function correctly (i.e. oldschool) and our DM games kinda got ruined by that. (SHOULD HAVE ONE I TELL YOU! Goddamn stupid BFG cost me my game 29 to 30)

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    Ling, add this to the hosted sites list already! Lazy bum! :)

    Heh no, I'm only joking. You're doing an excellent job; keep up the good work!

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