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    Unholy Hamburgers


    Ebola sent word that Unholy Software is back and better than ever. The update covers things like Nimrod progress, HACX, the Darkening and some mention of this site and DoomNation (which I won't link because I'm a big bastard).

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Back and better than ever? That's not saying much...having something better than pure crap is usually still crap.

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    I'd like to point out that my name and the name of Unholy's doom project Hyena are purely coincidental. I'm in no way tied to that, and did not base my name on the project. <P>I downloaded the Hyena skin for Zdoom or Legacy the other day, just wondering "Wouldn't it be creepy if it looked like me?" <BR><BR><BR>-

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Hyena, I'd be making that distinction myself if I were you. :) Smart guy.

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