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    Unlock And Unload?


    Nathan "Pilottobombadier" Crawford sends word that he's updated the Lock and Load site with the information that he may well drop the AvP portion of his Lock and Load project, due to some problems with his work that he cannot figure out. He still intends to work on the community-opinion-driven portion of the Lock and Load project, however, so head on over to the page and check it out.

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    When ever you try to create anything imaginitive with Deh/Bex/DDF somthing always buggers up. The creators of these file types can't think of everything I guess.

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    No, it's a problem with the sprites, can't figure out what. Someone said to use DeePsea, but it hasn't done me any bloody good. It hasn't told me what's screwed and what's not!

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    Guest UAC PR Dept.


    So I get that you don't know what the problem is, but what are the symptoms? What happens when you try and run it?

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    I actually posted it in the forums long ago. No, I used all of my resources either from Aliens TC, Theme 17, or my own stuff. I got that EDGE bad lump error and it gave me a lump number 18-something or other. I have no idea how to track it down, and honestly, at this point, I don't care. The project is kaput, dead, gone, finito. I'm not going to screw around with it anymore. Instead I'll work at mapping and try to turn this into a full-blown TC.


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