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    Unquestionable Release


    Jukki Pakkanen has released a new version of his DOOM level editor, Why, bringing it up to version beta 2.

    The great news? It now runs on Windows (95 and up)!

    You know you want it!

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    I don't find Why to be all that great for editing. Yet. It's beta, so I guess it'll improve, but I found the interface annoying and I miss some feature that even the oldest editors have, like being able to start with a blank level. I didn't do anything really in-depth with the editor yet, so options like the blank level start and others may be in the editor, but I didn't find them.

    This looks like an editor to watch, but I'm going to stick with Deth for the moment.

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    Originally posted by Opulent
    Is there an 'up' from win95. =P

    Not in the 9X series ;)

    I'll be trying WinXP pro soon, so I'll be back with a yes or no in a bit :P

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    Originally posted by inferno_45
    When I get to why.exe in the zip, winzip freezes up, as well as my computer.

    The zip file might have been corrupted during the download. Try deleting it and downloading a new one.

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