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    USMC Quake 3


    Carlos Bordeu of the ACE Team (makers of Batman Doom) has sent word of a Q3A project to bring a Doom-like environment into the new engine. You can get the full speil over at their webpage.

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    Guest Wyvern


    Sounds good to me! If we can't have DooM 2000, then maybe someone ELSE will make something like it. It's not like they can bitch about copyright stuff, since so much DooM stuff is in Q3A in the first place...

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    Guest [DIH]Grunt


    http://www.planetquake.com/usmc/ thats the new site the quakeclan.net site was just a temp one until PQ let us in :)

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    Guest Pikoro


    And he is Chilean... like me... jajajaja... VIVA CHILE MIERDA!!!

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    Guest Anonymous User


    I am not making the project! I only spotted it and reported it's existance to Doomworld. I am in no way involved with that project. I am making another Q3 TC (which is still under secret development). Carlos Bordeu Viva Chile

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