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    Utter Loneliness

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    Yeah it's pretty cool, I dunno but there's a special feel about it that I like... can't put my finger on it

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    "As always, a great map. There's something about all of Pablo's maps that I really like."

    Yes, with Pablo's maps, you already know they're going to be great even before you download them! His latest map was very atmospheric. I just played the level and I'm going to play it again now and look for secrets :)

    I'm looking forward to his "...and death came along".

    Tobias' Visions of Eternity is also looking great, that's another release I'm awaiting!

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    Very enjoyable map. Definitley has that certain "I don't know what" (as the French would say). Played through about 5 times already.

    The other one he linked to (DeimosCC) was a new one on me, and also very enjoyable.

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    Guest Virgil_


    If it's one of Pablo's maps, it's a good map, and this one's definitely no exception.


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    When I say "Download the demo" I honestly thought that the map wasn't completed and there was only a demo of it. lol.

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